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Aliens exist?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by V2, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Does other life exist??? Probablistically, it must.

    Have we been visited?... well, according to Douglas Adams, Earth is a mecca for bored hoon adolescent aliens that buzz the planet with their hotted up space crafts for "fun". :LOL:
  2. Crush 'em!! Crush 'em all I say!!
  3. Of course they do.

    They designed the hayabusa *pewk*
  4. true story

    I lived in the USA many years ago and did a trip to Roswell once. There is a UFO museum there but it and whole town had such a fake feel to it, I was really disappointed. When I left the town, a few miles out there was a sign saying something like "site of crashed UFO". I drove down the road for a while, then it turned to dirt. I had a Mustang Convertible at the time so decided not to drive any further. I thought, may as well take a photo then keep heading home. I stopped the car, set my camera on a tripod, focused on the car, hit the timer and ran in front of the car and waited. I did not hear the click, went back to the camera, tried again, this time I heard the click then packed up and kept going.

    When I got the photos developed I looked and there were 2 photos. One photo with me & my car, the other photo with exactly the same background setting but no me and no car like we had been "removed" from the photo! Weird shit! True story!
  5. Where is Pro-pilot when we need him?
  6. OMG!!! :eek: The Aliens TOOK HIM!!!
  7. Being a former astronaut and being a delusional wacko are not mutually exclusive, especially now that Dr Mitchell's...erm....getting on a bit.

    Allegedly Mitchell has had some other decidedly odd ideas over the years too.

    Maybe "Pro Pilot" is Dr Edgar Mitchell and has decided to preach to a wider audience than we philisitine, commie bikers :LOL: .
  8. Yeah wasn't there that female NASA employee that killed someone in a love tryst?!?!
  9. not quite, she was involved with another astronaut who dumped her so she put on an adult nappy and drove across the country to deal with his new love interest but she was arrested before she could kill anyone.
  10. Yeah, that's the one..the donning of the nappy was the best bit.
  11. aliens is one thing, but gremlins screwing around with things .... :?
  12. stupid repost ... 1 pic enough dont need 3
  13. Posting issues huh? :wink:
  14. :? ummmmm sh!t yeah looks that way
  15. Oh Charming one, what does that picture profess to be... an actual alien, or special effects simile?
  16. Oh Rob darling, its an actual alien. :wink:
    IT now resides in a specimen jar
    Shall I bring it with me next time I'm down?
  17. I dare you!
  18. LOL OK your on.

    Just have to steal it from brother without him knowing :LOL: