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'Alien' creature creates monster stir

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by eve, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. I was interested in this article i found... Weird!

    What the heck does it look like?


    THE photographed remains of a mysterious "creature" washed up on a Long Island beach near New York has led to a frenzy of online speculation.

    Hot on the heels of claims from an ex-NASA astronaut about aliens visiting Earth, news of the find has excited conspiracy theorists around the world.

    Dubbed the Montauk Monster after the Long Island town where it was found, the creature has prompted speculation it was part of a secret mutant breeding program undertaken by the US Government.

    The Huffington Post has even given the creature its own blog.

    Meanwhile, gawker.com, which helped break the story, has sought to explain the phenomenon as a viral marketing stunt for a new US TV cartoon series.

  2. It's what happens when you combine live animal exports - with sailors that have been too long at sea.
  3. Looks like a fake-up that's mostly a dead dog (staffy or pit-bull probably) with its fur blowtorched off.
  4. no idea, does have some tasty looking drumsticks though.....
  5. Looks like a demented turtle with no shell... I'd keep it.
  6. . . . . probably invented by the Greeks ! :LOL:
  7. Master Yoda, you can't die

  8. I don't get it :?
  9. +1 thats what i thought
  10. I'd bet $5.00 it's a dead dog, rotted, that's had it's paws tied and dumped at sea.

    Aren't turtleshells part of the turtles... skeleton or something?
  11. Yup. Dead dog with a turtle's head on it, either Photoshopped or (given a suitably sized head) stuck on for the photo.

    It's about as convincing (ie not very) as those cardboard cutout fairies that the Victorian equivalent of tinfoil hatters got so excited about 100 years ago.
  12. Looks like a Pug that's been dumped at sea.
  13. Irrefutable evidence of global cooling.
  14. Looks like my old Math teacher :LOL:
  15. You had one as well?

    D'you think they used to stamp 'em out of a mould or something?
  16. No there is only one maths teacher. He's worked out how to manipulate the space-time continuum.

    but I don't think it is. he doesn't have the leather patches sewn on his elbows. Maybe it's Mrs maths teacher.