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Alice Springs to Melbourne.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by spottedninja, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I am thinking about riding my bike down to Melbourne sometime during feb. Any tips for a first long distance ride?

  2. Lots of stops, bring some drinking water/fruits, if you can bring some extra tools that you think might be necessary in an emergency (eg. puncture repair kit, duct tape, zip ties etc). Medical kit might come in handy too :).
  3. I am just doing some research on what the best tyre to get put on for the trip. I am hoping to go on some spirited rides when i reach melbourne.
  4. Here's something which might help you out mate. As a *hint*, there may be more links using the 'search' function above (y) :


    There is a section of road (North of Adelaide, I think ??? Consult with HEMA atlas) which specifically states the warning of NO SERVICE STATION for some 260km etc.
    On this note, unless your bike is equipped with a long-range tank, an idea to perhaps carry some fuel bladders with you ? At a guess, I'd say 2 x 4Lts should keep you at peace over this long stretch of very hot, barren land (have done it in a car !).

    Be safe and have fun !
  5. I should be able to get a bit over 260 out of the R1 the best i have had is 250. That was sitting on about 160 170. I think at around 130 i should almost be able to get 300 to a tank. I am more worried about the availability of premium fuel to be honest, anyone know if its out there. Would hate to run opal in it.

    I would be trying to knock the adelaide leg of the trip over in one day, is that realistic?
  6. Take the plane, it's only a 2 hour flight :)
  7. I do not want to be stuck in melbourne for almost 4 weeks with out transport.
  8. public transport is pretty good in Melbourne...isn't that right fellow mexicans?
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  9. Journey vs destination...
  10. ROADTRAINS: those bastards can damn near suck you off your bike ... and not in a nice happy ending sort of way either.

    FUEL: Carry extra

    GREY GOMADS: avoid em, unless you see them at a roadside stop, then you pull over get chatting and hope they give you a nice cold drink from their fridge.

    WET WEATHER GEAR: remember it is wet season

    FEMALE EURO BACKPACKERS: some seriously nice booty and usually friendly.

    ENJOY: I would

  11. Very wise tip :D
  12. we did the reverse back in Jan for work, and even driving 8-4 it took 4 full days. Stopped at Mildura, Port Augusta, Coober and Alice. This was driving Rangers and towing so I'm sure you can shave time off, but we didn't stop much (apart form a good look around Woomera). If you'r planning on sightseeing during the trip don't overestimate the distance you'll cover each day.
  13. I am not the biggest fan of public transport. Not to mention any excuse to take my bike to some decent roads. Not many in the red centre.

  14. Pilot road 3 - good KM from them and very nice in twisties wet and dry.

    Wear a camel pack for fluids, otherwise you will be stopping VERY frequently to drink.

    HI SPEED to save time is an oxy moron, it saps your concentration much more and again, requires extra stops.. i mostly travelled at aprrox 130- best fuel economy (according to dash) and not too draining.

    OPAL FUEL - I used this in my speed triple without ANY issues even tho the speedie is rated for 95. (opal is 91)

    Where ever possible i put in highest octane avail , knowing that the next stop may only have 91 octane, so ... half tank of 98 half of 91 = 95?


    Fuel economy is worse at lower octane, but other than that no issue...
    if you are really concerned carry some octane booster with you, and calculate how much is required per tank.

    Enjoy your trip, and dont over estimate the KM you can travel in a day, every day is different...... thats half the fun ..

    Some days I did 1,000KM others, i did 250.
    The reasons varied, mental, physical, weather, roads and distractions ;)
  15. I was being sarcastic...PT in Melbourne can be the biggest joke...so I say ride away!
  16. I am starting to get excited. :D
  17. I have done the trip in a car. Took me 2.5 days. Was a pretty good drive. I am not looking foward to the alice to adelaide part, too straight. But other than that i am happy.
  18. Sure is,,,,, if you can fight!
  19. just recently did Melb- Bris-Melb solo, up Newel, back Pacific / Hume. Long and straight in places,Best things i took. . Camel pack in my Tank bag 2 Ltr sip as you go, got a set of flat helmet speakers of ebay $4-50 delivered. when i got bored after about 4 hours put on some good tunes and was good for another 4 hour or so.(780 klms best one day k's) also bought a small metho single burner for $26-from China,stainless mug i could boil the water in, small jar of coffee ,small long life milk enough for a cupa,( make sure your coffee lid is real tight,even tape it shut,,,, don't as me why[-(and by time it boils and you drink it you have a good rest and time to think" Shit this is fun" Doing it again end of March i had such a blast. Enjoy it spottedninja
  20. I will have in ear head phones and a camel pack. I will also be testing out my new kriega 30 litre tail pack. Does anyone in melbourne want to go on a ride or two on the weekends when i am down there?