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Alfa Romeo V6 bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by elcamino, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. holy cow... i just spooged my pants!!!
  2. WOW.... not a fan of car engines being shoehorned into bike frames but i do like the look of this.
  3. Wait, are those exhausts sticking out of the tank? Really?
  4. Essence of Cool!!!
  5. hmmm...no mate, the opposite of exhaust, its the intake side of things.
  6. I have a work colleague who currently owns half a dozen Alfas from a 1970's GTV through to a 159 and is talking about getting a bike - it's perfect for him :)

    Although the question that always come to mind when you see this sort of thing is why?
  7. You know those dudes you meet who have waaaay too much spare time and waaaaay too much money?
  8. 2 answers,
    1 - Because we can.
    2 - Why Not?
    3 - It seemed like a good idea at the time.
  9. Interesting. I'd be looking to make up some sort of guard for that cam belt pretty quick, because i'd hate to get my shirt or my finger or my ... anything else caught in it. The induction note would be something else, from the rider's seat. Yeah, unfinished, but way cool.
  10. Sorry, I like Italian bikes and I like and have owned old (real) Alfas, but I prefer my drinks straight, not mixed.:beer:
  11. WTF! That is a "real" engine strapped to that thang!
  12. so is that cam belt rotating against your knees or what :|
  13. Looks like there are now 2 V 6 Italian bikes,Laverda did it 30 years ago and it went around corners as well.Not to meantion the Guzzi V8,that was 40 years ago