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Alfa Romeo 147

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Paulie, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Hey all, sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section... or maybe not even supposed to be posting it because it isnt bike related, but i am thinking of buying an Alfa Romeo 147 T spark and wondered if anyone has one or has driven one etc Just trying to get a bit of feedback on them before I drop some coin and buy one. I think they look good, went and sat in a few today at the local dealership but the sales people wouldnt come near me... I figured if I dressed in a "I'm with stupid" t shirt with my mate that we could barter a good price because he'd think we had a tight budget ..all it did was stop them from coming near us.

    So any ideas on the 147??

    p.s I appreciate any feedback :D

  2. Depends why you want one, performance-wise there's plenty of cheaper hatchbacks out there that will leave it for dead (the 147 GTA is pretty impressive though). If you're more after the luxury and prestige thing then they're not too bad. Haven't heard of any problems with reliability (the twin spark engine's been used for quite a while now) and they certainly stand out more than buying say a 3-series BMW. Buy a white one, they look good in that colour.
  3. Form over function, as it typical of the Italians. They're a beautiful looking machine, but if you were after performance, there are certainly some cheaper options. I think the Alfa would be more loveable though. :D
  4. Good lord man -what are you thinking? Spending all that coin on a CAR. Think of all the bikes you could own for that much cash. Snap out of it fella. Quick, someone slap him :LOL:
  5. Mate I'm only doing it as a tax write off! I figure its better to cruise around in a nice car than pay the tax man the same sorta money! otherwise I'd be buyin another bike.. BUT still on my P's for bike anyways
  6. It's an Italian car. You know what that means...

    I'd take one for a good long test drive (or 2), and make sure you really want it.

    I'd also look at competitors (the new Golf GTI's meant to be terrific).

    Then I'd buy an MV Agusta!
  7. i think its a great looking car too....i got no experiences with it personally however a friend of mine has warned against it cause of the reliability factor only.

    he says a few people he knows with the alfa's have had serious mechanical problems with it.....but to me that's just heresay(spelling?)

    i'd check the net for reviews by owners on that car.....otherwise it may suck more money and time outta you later
  8. My mate's dad has one and I've been in it a few times. Excellent interior, enough go from the revvy little 4 and very crisp handling. He's owned it for nearly 3 years now and has never had a problem with it to my knowledge. I will point out though, services are apparently quite expensive; something to do with the twin-spark system I have been told. I'd say that if anyone is telling you they have serious reliability issues is living in the 80's... when alfa got their steel from Russia :wink: .

    Happy hunting.
  9. I think the word you're looking for is heresy, at least as far as Alfa enthusiats are concerned. Mentioning mechanical failure around them is like mentioning oil leaks to fans of vintage British Bikes :LOL: .
  10. I don't know if you like the style, but earlier this year Alfa Romeo was running out the Spyders.
    The four cylinder seemed to be going at a reasonable discount at the time.
    Then, if you can wait there is the Brera, in 2006-ish.
    More coin though.
    Italian's like regular maintenance.