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Alexandra Motorcycle Show - Sun Mar 20th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by gsxr1000, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. https://netrider.net.au/calendar/index.php?year=2005&today=20&month=3

    Meeting point: 8:30am Peter Stevens Dandenong.
    Leaving 9 am sharp...

    If needing a second meeting point, it can be arranged.

    Destination: Alexandra

    All levels of experience

    A run down of the intended route: Providing the weather holds.
    Make sure that your bikes are fuelled up then we'll be heading to
    Pakenham, C@$katoo/Woori Yallock through to Healesville, stop to refuel
    and rest, then over the Black Spur (Maroondah Highway) to Alexandra.

    Return the some route back to Healesville where we can work out which
    way we're gonna go home.

    This thread will be updated and finalised Saturday night 19th March.

    OK so far we have:

    xg + friends
    Bond Girl
    Teezam - maybe
    R1 Lover (Healesville)
    Black Hornet
    archy + friends

    this is the route that we will be taking


  2. Is that the airshow weekend also?
  3. Well I WAS going to the Airshow, but I've come to the realisation that the guys I planned to go with are wankers. :roll:

    So yeah, that sounds like a good idea. :D
  4. Think ill come aswell... although might meet up with you guys around healsville instead of me comnig right into melbourne.


  5. Hmmm, could be interesting, put me down as a maybe :)
  6. I would like to go if thats ok...I'm a new rider...(voodsy says I'm not a learner though...so I guess Im just an inexperienced rider with L plates)
  7. I'm in kfwe!
  8. Put me down as yes in case my bike gets ready . Might still ride along with a twisted handbar and broken disks...hehehe
  9. Put me down as a maybe plz
  10. Hmm...considering I live in Alexandra, I might be up for it. It's about time the mountains came to Mohamed :LOL:

    The show is not that big, I went to that one last year to pick up my bike. There are some nice historical bikes to see tho.

    The local pub (Shamrock) serves excellent meals!
  11. MATE: you could meet us at Healesville..... :LOL: be our guide through to Alexandra.. :LOL:

    It's more about a get together for a ride up the hills, doesn't matter if the bike show isn't that good.

    how long have you lived in Alex..??


  12. Living in Alexandra fo about 2 years now. But I head back to the Western Suburbs most fortnight.

    I'll probably be back at Hoppers Crossing on Sat and ride up with everyone one Sunday. Btw, if you guys wanna visit a fish farm let me know :wink:
  13. Voodys will be good to catch up with ya again.. :) ... i reckon....

    Im might see if i can drag some of the OCAU lads to come... the lazy slackers :p

  14. yep sounds good. im up for it. weather depending :D
  15. Graeme,
    Will tag along too if you don't mind a couple more,

    Jeff & Dave

    "the two Narre boys you introduced yourself to at Bikemart"

  16. not a problem mate.....if the weather holds it should be a good day...

  17. It's not very far from home and I'd like to be there but I'm working :( :evil:
  18. Graeme, ill meet ya at the main meeting point instead...

    Trying to drag along a few OCAU.mc folk aswell... more the merrier i say :)


  19. thats cool mate... 8) ......safety in numbers

    OK ppls, at the moment it looks like only one meeting/start point
    do we need a second....?? :-k

    we will be stopped at Healesville anyway..petrol..drink or whatever.. :wink:

  20. Put my name down as well....lm in for this one :twisted: .

    And yeah l want to see the fishy's too.