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Alex Gobert - Road Race Performance Academy

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by I Adore Vic, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. Just thought people might be interested to know that Alex Gobert has started up a new riding school called Road Race Performance Academy.

    More details can be found here:


    It's definitely something I'm considering doing once I finally get my upgrade. :grin:

  2. It will be interesting to see how it goes.
  3. He should do well depending on what audience he is looking for. CSBS is tailored towards fast road and track riding, but doesn't offer anything in the way of race craft. Being tutored, on track, by an experienced racer would be good.
  4. But CSBS has no braking exercises, only corners. I found lots of people couldn't brake hard coming into corners.
    When I questioned this the instructor said it was track riding not road.

    Havng someone who was really quick would have a fair bit of cred

    Will wait for a review before I work out to do this or CSBS level 2.

  5. What I reckon is really needed, is someone with a good working knowledge of suspension set-up, with explainations as to the effect of changes.
    So far as I know, only Wayne Clarke , from Stay Upright, is capable of this.
  6. I've done 1,2 and 3. All of them are brilliant for fast track riding and road riding. Braking hard for corners isn't required for either, in fact, at most peoples skill level it is detrimental to achieving fast road riding or good lap times. Racing is a totally different matter and picking up race craft from racers would be worthwhile to any club rider.

    Book yourself on level 2 and think about doing level 3. It will make you a better rider for road and track.

    +1 to Rog. I can fiddle with suspension all day, but having someone tutor you on how to do it and look for changes would be great.
  7. I'll give you some race craft for free.

    Brake harder. Lean over more. And accelerate faster. That is all.

    You can buy some beers for that Ceejay. :wink:
  8. And to think I wasted ALL that money!!
  9. Talkin about Gobert and race craft....
    Remember Jaq?
    She wrote and recorded this really good song about Alex's brother.
    Think I will bring the CD up to the HH. It would be a good prelude to The Irresponsibles.
  10. Like hell it will. I remember the chorus.
    "Anthony Gobert, sex and yoghurt"
    Don't know what was going on there.
    AG is generally associated with a product far less healthy, these days. Pity.
  11. They have the opposition, in James Spence from Circuit Breakers, as an instructor? :? Strange choice given his involvement in the area already?
  12. I don't know much about J. Spence. What can you tell us?
  13. I did the James Spence/Circuit Breakers race school. I think I paid about $260 which was good value for EC (given that a track day is about $200).

    He always seems to have a current ASC racer as an instructor and I did a track walk with Kevin McGee early last year which was very informative. Emphasis is on track knowledage and racing lines - the track is very well dissected and by the end of the day I felt very comfortable about where I should be. There's a whole lot of theory but I felt that the strength of the course was the accessibilty of instructors to chat to about your own specific issues. A huge amount of track time with an instructor following/leading you around was very good and it's amazing how much you pick up in that sort of environment. I found that like any course, if you ask questions, you pick up that much more.

    All the basics are covered - ride posture, suspension, braking, tyres, etc and he does have a suspension specialist there, I think it was Frank Pons on the last one I did but I don't think he uses the same person.

    Anyway, it was a good experience . I did the school before I started racing and then a couple more times when I've changed bikes -I use that as my excuse to have someone follow me around and of course transponders are useful too.

    Edit: I reckon that Spence now owes me a favour for the plug. :)
  14. What makes AG's proposal better is that he says it will be national. What D1300 did is exactly what I am looking for.
  15. Oh *I* know.

  16. Ahhhh Loz. It's been a while between Trolleys. Keep them handy, won't you.
  17. Hi mate, it is actually Andrew Spence - as listed on the RRPA website. No relation to James Spence from Circuit Breakers :grin:
  18. Well that makes alot more sense! :oops:

    Man, I really gotta start reading things thoroughly.................... :oops: :roll:

  19. no, don't, who will we laugh at then?
  20. You have to ask........

    ...with that avatar! :LOL: :p

    I'm happy to bring a smile to someones day! :grin: