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Alex 1 Crooks 0

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by crinkelcut_chip, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. Dont you love that feeling when you realise you've avoided a rather devastating moment ?

    Today doing my last minute christmas shopping.. I had to park my bike in frankston, :shock: (Makes me nervous)..
    So I find a good bit of pavement (around the back off young st near the entrance to the bayside car park for those that know)

    I go to put my disc lock on.. after reading someone's logic on netrider about putting it on the back disc and not the front I did just that.

    I go do my shopping..

    I get back.. go to unlock the disc lock.. and notice that the bike has been moved forward a few inches enough to make the lock hit the... "thing"

    So I'm guessing my bike was nearly know more..

    So to all you "if they want it they'll get it" attitude people.. there are also lazy crim's that wont bother picking the entire bike up :p


  2. hahaha good work, damn crim losers. Lucky there wern't a few guys or they'd of wheeled your wheels away.
    I wanna use disc locks on front and back when I get a bike for exactly that reason, they'd have to pick the entire bike up to nick it.

  3. good to hear of a foiled bike theft for once, typical crook, too lazy to work and too lazy for crime involving some work :evil:
  4. When I lived in the UK I twice came home to find people leaving the (insecure) area where I kept my bike only to find that they'd already attacked the steering lock, only for them then to see the disk lock. If only they'd checked that first it'd saved me a whole heap of time and money.
  5. They prolly thought, being the idiots they are, that it was the ZX-10. ;)

    I read the same thread and am sticking the disc lock on the rear now too.

    Glad to hear it works!

    Andy, if you have a disc lock on the rear and the steering lock activated on the front, all they can do is wheel it in circles (unless they can pick the whole bike up, in which case no amount of disc locks will help).

  6. My mates Hyosung gt250r got nicked a few days after he got it for his L's, outside the local milkbar, according to a witness (some kid that thought it was cool to watch a bike get nicked) 2 blokes in a ute driving past saw it backed up, put it on its side in the ute and took off. whilst my mate was talking to the owner of the milkbar less than 3 meters away inside.

  7. Yer I wondered about that.. a few people at lights have said stuff like "ninjaaa.. is that a 1000cc ?"...

    I never thought of my bike as a prime target... its not really worth that much compared to a lot of otherss.. but would make a lot more sense if they'd mistaken it for a bigger bike... hmmm
  8. errr.... :LOL: :LOL: that sucks but funny as being only 3 m away
  9. Sounds like you where very lucky ! I know that area very well and is the last place I'd be parking a bike :shock:

    I used to go inside and park right next to the doors across from 'target' then use the disk lock.

    Why you ask ? at least inside if someone saw a bike getting pushed out on a couple of skateboards, there was a slim chance they would be challenged by someone ......... maybe, it is Frankston after all :LOL:

    Thats right, a $20 skateboard can beat a $120 disk lock every time !
  10. wow... your gut instinct was right.. Yep, for every wanker with a dopey mate and a ute willing to violate the rights of a fellow Bro or Sis rider, there is always the chance that the lazy ones are out there as well. farkers....

    I drive a VB Commo, champaigne Brown and full of rust. THe most stolen car in the world, which used to get broken into. (never stolen as it had a kill switch and I would unlodge the battery cable every night, but to the naked eye it looked connected, so when people would try and start it a> the kill switch would prevent it, and even if they got past that, they would still think the starter motor or battery was stuffed) - anyway what my point is, is that when i put a cheap ass club lock on the steering wheel, that didnt even work....no more break ins, coz the lazy crooks would just move along to the next car as a club lock on a VB is hardly worth it....

    I like your logic Crinklecut
  11. Been considering a disc lock for a while now ...
    Think You've just helped me decide sooner rather than later
  12. Had this experience a few times, some clearly attempts at theft, some more likely drunken fun (every time has been when I had to leave the bike on the street overnight, uncovered, not locked to anything). Somebody took a screw driver to the steering lock of one bike but failed. Judging my Youtube CCTV, it's not hard to break a steering lock, and Peter Steven CBD has a sign up at the moment about this happening to Harleys a lot at the moment - including from out the front of workshops! Hence the value of a disk lock, and the greater value of an alarmed disk lock. Both can be overcome, but you're right crinkelcut - people often go 'If they want it they'll get it', which is true, but where we have an advantage is that there is a balance of desire here: an important deciding factor is who wants it more, them or us, and so who is prepared to put more effort in. If you put more effort into security than the crook is prepared to put into stealing it, then you'll be fine (until you put in less effort at some point than the crook passing by at the point).

  13. its quite impossible to make a bike impossible to steal but we can make it harder by having many little lock rather than 1 big lock. Literally and figuratively
  14. Good to see you foiled the crooks crinkle cut... It would have been a major disappointment to have a brand new bike stolen!

    I'll have to make sure I get a disc lock, then.
  15. Off Young St, down that alley/rd near the entrance to the car park? If so, you were tempting fate parking in an area that is pretty quiet. You should park in front of The Coffee Club, there are glass displays about 2m high that bikers park in between. There is also plenty of foot traffic.

    Just for interests sake, my insurance on my bike and car dropped when I moved from Beaumaris to Frankston! :shock: The insurance guy was in Oakliegh and he could not believe it (I asked him to double check).

    Wonders never cease!
  16. Yeah, thats why i use that stretchy thingy to loop over the bars, or through my rack at the back... also means i dont forget either :oops:
  17. Out of curiosity.. did you pay for parking ? or just go around the booms ? :p
  18. [quote="[Freddy]

    Off Young St, down that alley/rd near the entrance to the car park? If so, you were tempting fate parking in an area that is pretty quiet. You should park in front of The Coffee Club, there are glass displays about 2m high that bikers park in between. There is also plenty of foot traffic.

    Yer that's where..

    Do you mean those glass things outside the cinema ?
    I've wondered about parking there.. I'll do that next time I think :)

  19. Yeah that's them, I grab a coffee there often and there are always bikes coming and going.
  20. :shock: Man that would stress me out.

    I got slightly more than annoyed today when i got back to my bike after literally 5 minutes walking into the bloody westfield to see that someone had flicked my high beam switch thinking they were a funny wanker...

    :evil: :evil: :evil: