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Alert:... Stolen GSX1400 In QLD.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rogues, May 8, 2008.

  1. A mate has had his bike stolen overnight from secure parking area in Chermside, Queensland.
    Underground security parking, broke the steering lock and away.......

    This is a very 'one of a kind' GSX1400 in blue and white.
    Note the high quality rims ***
    Anybody hear anything or see anything on E-bay please contact.
    Appreciated guys, my mate feels gutted
    Rogues :evil:

    Here is the parts list....

    Parts list...

    Full stainless 4into1 Yoshi.
    Hel oil cooler with braided lines.
    Braking brand wavy disks front & rear.
    Twin tail light under tail.
    Oberon gold pegs front & rear.
    Goodridge brake & clutch lines.
    GSX1400 signature seat cover.
    Braided crank case breather.
    GSX branded fork brace.
    Cam to cam oil feed line.
    Twin head lights.
    Bar end mirrors.
    Power commander under seat.
    GSX handlebar clamp.
    Personlised plate DVE08 blue & yellow.
    Billet alloy oil filter.
    Steering damper side mounted.
    Gold alloy engine bolts.
    6.0 & 3.5 inch gold Galespeed rims.
    Brand new Maxxis tyres.
    Alloy LED blinkers.
    Alloy GSX jack up blocks.
    Black plastic twin headlight screen.
    Carbon fibre hugger and chain guard.
    Yellow spring rear shocks.
    Gold alloy Pazzo levers.

    Mod Note - Please don't use all caps in title - Thanx Flipper

  2. Poor Des :( My husband got him the pazzo's... will pass the word around, and hope it comes back.

    There is a stolen bike registry he can put the details on
  3. Damn, that sucks big time. And it's not even a target CBZXGSXRRrr. Nice rims though. Definitely got one of the old man sports tourers on the short list. :)
  4. I have a job where I have to go around most streets on the northside but only have stafford/heights to go...will keep an eye out though.
  5. PS Nice matching levers to the rims :D
  6. Dood,

    Nice bikes like that unfortunately attract the scum as well.

    Forget about someone riding such a distinctive bike. The
    bikes already stripped with parts to be sold off till theres
    nothing left of it :cry:

    So the fella has now been ripped off a 2nd & last time :cry:
  7. I'll keep an eye out as I live in Kedron. However the bike is probably long gone or in pieces.
  8. I'll watch out for it as well, just in case the thief is a dumbarse and actually rides it in the same state he stole it in.
  9. bummer about the bike :(

    but check out those chicken strips!!!!!
  10. Update:.. want to see what a real arsehole looks like...........??

    Reward of $2,000 for complete recovery of the bike
    ( the name of the arsehole would be a real bonus) :twisted:

    Contact number..Des...MOB. 0421620644

    Vehicle ID No... JS1BN111300100321
  11. [​IMG]


    Hope you find the bike, its a real beauty.
    Hope bike-stealing scum gets whats coming to him :evil: .
  12. That's the fourth bike I've heard of stolen from underground secure carparks in the past week.

    She was a looker too. A crying shame.
  13. Ok someone needs to invent some kind of spike that comes up through the seat and spears you in the *cough* if you don't put in a code, but the bike still starts.. just so it kills the wanker stealing it... (what a way to go, ouch)

    How is the guy, still in mourning? poor bugga..