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ALERT Motorcycle training :P

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by malenko, May 28, 2008.

  1. You prolly get alot of these threads but.... I PASSED MY 250CC TEST!!!

    WOOT, I am so happy can you tell.

    To set the scene, I was checking the weather everyday for about a week before today to get updated on the conditions of the weather for my test. They all said the same thing :( showers developing, which in laymans terms means fine in the morning, pissing down in the arvo. So my test was for 3.40pm..... which means arvo, which means pissing down. I had a 2hr lesson before with.... I cant remember cos I am so happy :p but he was from ALERT and we worked on my quick stop in wet conditions and my figure 8s.

    Alot of mess ups done by me including locking the front from being too grabby on the break, putting my feet down on the 8s cos I was too jerky with the clutch and throttle. Come test time, wasnt feeling REAL confident but then I told myself, "DUDE!, you have your car license, your HR truck license, you went first solo in a freaking plane when you were freaking 16, this is a piece of piss".

    And WOW everything in the test was smooth as. All I can say is a big thanks to ALERT, they will be seeing much of me over the next year so I can practice on their open bikes for my open license, and I will almost definantly be on the next advanced road craft course.

    p.s. sorry for the great wall of text but I am sure you guys understand haha

  2. Well done. Great feeling passing your licence test.

    I remember way back to mine..... Almost hit a gutter on the way to get my licence upgraded at the RTA :LOL:
  3. I know exactly that feeling (and the need to TELL somebody who cares), I got my unrestricted licence on Monday.

    I did a QRide course over here with only one lesson, no previous road experience, and now I am on the hunt for a bike, all completed within two weeks.

    I think the longest thing was doing some research on protective gear here, before hopping on a bike


  4. Congrats!!!

  5. Well done! :grin:

    Don't speed now.... too much ;)
  6. Congrats.