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Alert but not alarmed

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by es, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. Just noticed a ticking sound in my bike... curious as to what it is? Its a pretty regular noise, like a clock, tick.... tick.... tick....

    Is it a bomb? There are people who arent white living in this building, maybe they tampered with my bike! Terrorists? :twisted:

  2. Do they wear towels on their heads and chant allah allah?
  3. My gpx also ticks when it is cooling down, I'm sure the geek explaination is something to do with the metal contracting.

    The solution is to keep riding.
  4. ummm.... i wasnt riding my bike at 3 am :p Bike was already cold.
    No they dont wear towels on their heads, cept when they are drying their hair, but they could always be sleepers .... :shock:
  5. Hmmmmm...maybe the timings out and needs some adjustment. No biggie.
  6. if its when you turn it on may be a fuel pump , if its when its hot it could be the exshaust cooling if its neither
    RUN FOR YOUR FRIGIN LIFE...................................
  7. Perhaps its an analogue clock. :?:
  8. pissed off girlfriend?
  9. Stick to the chocolate cookies and avoid the ones from the jar marked "H".
  10. My bike ticks quietly when it's off. That way the clock is still right next time I ride it.
  11. With this post at 5:04 this morning, eswen, it's clear that you are not....... :LOL:
  12. Maybe your bikes possessed with poltergeists's trying to get out. :?
  13. or its a typical crappy GPX :LOL:
  14. The ticking is probably not important, because when you ride to work tomorrow, you're going to get mown down by a middle age suburban mum, driving a van, full of kids, on the phone, trying to get them to school on time so she can meet her friends at the local cafe for a cup of decaf soy low fat latte......

    .......you've got to learn to spot the real enemy
  15. OMG how did you.... *cough* I mean, yeah! I hear Haggis and Hornet get a little narky bout people snacking from thier jar. some "dietry requirement" or something. (probably just keeping the good stuff to themselves)

    GPX= no clock!

    Maybe theres a bug living under my fairings.
  16. Oi! My gpx resembles that statement! :p

  17. i once had a cricket in my fairing for a few days, and every night and early morning, my bike would sing to me!!
  18. Glen I've fixed your post for you
  19. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Classic
  20. The ticking is the sound of it corroding :LOL:.