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Aldi wireless headphones - lots of echo/reverb...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. I bought a set of wireless headphones for the home stereo yesterday. Connected them to the AV receiver's headphone output. Tuned them in and tested them.

    Unfortunately the reverb is somewhat pronounced and it sounds like I'm in an empty hall.

    The effects settings on the stereo doesn't make any difference and in fact they can't be changed while the headphones are plugged in.

    Just wondering if anyone else here has bought these and if so how do they perform for you?
  2. Aldi is awesome :grin:

    Although it's a bit of a hit and miss game and I think you just got a miss.

    At one time there was motorbike gear in the shop! My dad is a fiend, he's bought a violin (doesn't play) a uni cycle (will /never/ use) a shoot load of cutlery, dvd players and a whole lot of other stuff. :p
  3. Try turning down the input volume on the microphone - reduces feedback sensitivity. if you can't make it work, just take it back.
  4. Were you really expecting any better buying from Aldi?
  5. The thing plugs into the headphone jack of the stereo system. The only adjustments that can be made is limited to volume.

    Anyway, we took the unit back and got a refund. Had a look at a couple in the new DSE store in town. Not much there either.
  6. Sorry, I thought it was for a computer application. I found I would get that effect if the mic was closer then about 30cm to the speakers or the sensitivity was above the bare minimum - kind of like when talkback radio callers leave their radios on full bore, and you get that "hall of mirrors" effect down the radio