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Aldi Video Camera

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Garido, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Aldi is currently advertising a video camera for outdoor sport use (on sale 17/12). Anyone got any experience with them? Resolution and FPS is not great, but should be ok. Price is $80! Might get one just to try it out.

    Obviously no comparison to the GoPro, but might be all right for a cheapy.

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    heres a good review of it

    it makes everything dark turn purple due to the nightvision taking away the infrared lense or something and it also drops frames cos of the AVI-MPEG format

    i think ill still give it a crack, hopefully his is a crappy hong kong version
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  5. looked today, they sold out in every aldi store locally in 2hrs, oh well
  6. usual for Aldi; their 'we are selling it but we may nit have it in stock' is the only blemish on the many good things they do....
  7. i thought these cameras would not be as popular as something else. i am totally wrong.

    i will go for contuor HD wide then about $150+shipping. the second option is gopro.
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  10. Target have in the latest catalogue, the same camera as the Aldi one, selling for $69....
  11. I find the hardest part is finding somewhere to mount your camera, without looking like a total d!ck. I like the view from helmet mounted cams, but you feel like a right tosser with it attached to your lid.
  12. Well , for an item that is shown in a catalogue, then Target would have to be pretty poor on stock.

    At penrith store this morning , they had only 1 camera for sale (8am store opening time), which I grabbed.

    Would be reasonable to expect that a catalogue item would have substantial stock for sale, not just 1 item....
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    Plenty of the cameras at macquarie center target.
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  16. what good is filming in the rain anyway
  17. Find anywhere yet? I tried mounting it onto the fairing but no luck, I was thinking about making another bracket for it
  18. i found that attaching to the bike makes it very subject to vibration. I tried a suction mount on the tank, velcro to fairing etc and using the handlebar mount to mount it to the mirror stem. None of them were as good as I wanted.
  19. i'm in Melbourne. i don't get a choice.
    what good is a camera that gets ruined by moisture.

    depends what you use it for.
    i use mine to go to work and back. dodging peak hour tards.
    if a cagetard collects me i may salvage evidence. you want that, because every witness the police talk to at the scene WILL say the motorcycle was going too fast or behaving erratically in traffic.
    also acts as a deterrent.

    that tevion one that aldi & target have looks great for the coin. if i did'nt have one allready i'd grab it.
    but handlebar mounting blows ass. will need to mount it elsewhere somehow, additional cost.
  20. They're back on sale this weekend @ Aldi.