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Aldi thermals

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by crash_tester, May 22, 2009.

  1. They're back!!!!!
    onsale next thursday 28/05/09
    for those who missed out last year and dont live up here in the tropics with our nice 27deg winter days mmmmm :wink:


    if its anything like last year ..BRING A WACKING STICK!!!! (blue rinse brigade are crazy )
  2. why the hell would you sell short sleeved thermal top? :evil:

    all the same kudos for the passing that along, deffinately will get another pair.
  3. Yeah, short-sleeve thermal top seems a bit silly.

    Pity, as I've already got long-legged thermal pants and need a thermal top!
  4. Oh, cool. :)
  5. Not the same product - the first ones are the 'compression' type, like Skins, the second (long-sleeve) are the more traditional, at that price I'd assume they're the polypropylene rather than Merino or Altica etc. Nice and warm, but get pretty manky after a while. I'll be taking the tazer and crowbar to pry some of the compression ones away from Gerry Atrick! Long sleeve would be nice though...
  6. they may be ok with the "manky" smells
  7. From my experience it's not the BO or sweat that's the problem, eventually the actual fabric starts to break down (I'm talking after a year or so, and this is old experience, so may have improved) and starts to feel oily to the touch, then it really absorbs sweat and the accompanying smell.
  8. expensive merinos from the Kathmandu clearance shop = WiN
  9. These are awesome - kept me warm while sleeping in the ditch last June... :oops:

    If you live near an Aldi, get them (2nd the advice on the big stick), if not, then beg someone nice to get hold of some for you - just like I did!! :grin:

    Thank you Crash tester :grin: , these make my winter riding in Oddelaide really enjoyable with these keeping me warm and comfortable under the leathers - and heading off to Brisvegas in a couple of weeks, so will keep them handy for when I've acclimatised next winter!
  10. Purchased a top and pants the other week. i must say i have definately been riding nice and toasty on a few cold days lately :grin:
  11. Wacking stick at the ready..... I neeed these. Man its a wake up call riding at 0330 to work, even in Qld.
  12. lucky im back into the habit of getting up for work... :twisted: