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Aldi specials

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ianlee, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. not sure if anyone will go to aldi tomorrow for the awesome pricing motorbike gear, i cant wait to check them out tomorrow, interested in denim, boot, blue tooth, gloves. just not sure the helmet, it says ABSmaterial, feature build in tint visor, which i love so much, but we talk about safety, it does have australia sticker prove it ok, at 79bucks, i think it worth a try.
    need to set up alarm get up early in the morning tomorrow, hope can get what i want, they gone so bloody fast.

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  2. Best grammar ever :)
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  3. Yeah my gramma was good too
    Very good at baking
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  4. #4 cjvfr, Aug 7, 2015
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    You can get some good bargains from Aldi. As you said, you need to get there early, to take advantage of those bargains. Good luck in your gear hunting.

    Your posts are a little hard to follow at times, I would guess that English is not your first language. Just try shorter sentences to make your meaning more plain. Keep posting, you are obviously excited about becoming a rider. We love riding enthusiasts here. (y)
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  5. Muphry's Law in action.
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  6. So do SHANNONS , that is unless you're on your LAMS restrictions then you are dead to them... :p
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  7. I will be at Aldi's door at 8.30am tomorrow (y)
    Hoping to get boots, gloves and a leather jacket....
  8. I shall be banging on the door too I need to get some wet weather gear.
  9. I read somewhere if you go half an hour before closing the night before, they have everything out ready to go, available for purchase.. I'm gonna give it a try tonight8-|
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  10. And if you stand on one leg, wave a chicken in the air, pray to the motorcycle gods whilst smeared in green. Jelly they give you a discount.

    Or it just might be my normal Friday night minis the praying......
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  11. Sounds awesome, thanks for the headsup ianleeianlee!
  12. I don't understand this waiting in a line stuff. It must depend on the store and cluster of riders around the area. But I walked into some Aldi stores last year a few weeks after the sale, and they had discounted everything buy a good 50% to get rid of it. Sure, some of the popular sizes where gone, but I don't think they put all the stock out on Saturday morning, it gets refreshed at some stage I think.
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  13. Been eyeing this deal for the past two or three days, will pick up some bike covers and finally replace my bed sheets.

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  14. You'd rather sleep on bike covers??
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  15. Thanks for all input, yes, I am from Hong kong, lucky you guys still understand I want to buy some gears from Aldi. :)
    Wish everyone will get the gears they want tomorrow, good luck to me too.
    Still I would be happy if any one can comment on Aldi helmet. Thanks.
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  16. Everytime I see people saying they want to go, I check their address the best I can, to see what the competition is going to be like!!!
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  17. Cheap helmets usually have all the same characteristics, lots of wind noise, poor fitting around the visor, and yet still meeting AS requirements. If these helmets are all you can afford they can be a great lead in to starting your motorcycle journey. They can also make good cheap spare helmets. The most important thing is, try it on, make sure it fits firmly, and be aware of pressure points that over a long ride become a PITA. Plenty of posts in here about what to look for. Unfortunately, no one can tell you how these particular helmets fit/feel, as Aldi tend to only offer these once a year, and designs do change. Look at some of the other Aldi threads here to get a feel what to expect based on previous sales....
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  18. I believe in "you get what you pay for". Having said/wrote that I did purchase some Aldi gear last year. It was, unfortunately, tested in real time and I can say pants tore apart but my skin was safe and I walked away unscratched apart from damaged pride. It is only once you spend and buy quality that you can compare and use Aldi stuff as some kind of a reference. Personally I found their gear quite heavy and I felt like King Arthur on two wheels. Decide wisely what and how you spend If protective and quality gear is paramount to you... Even if price is a bit higher, of course one could have a counter argument - the gear is CE compliant etc. I think I will have an interesting ride next week on M1. It will be "can you spot an Aldi rider" :) Happy shopping :)
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  19. Did it work?
  20. I'm so up for it after passing my test today. Just gunna buy the new motorcycle backpack and maybe some of the merino stuff.
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