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Aldi Specials

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by pmcdermo, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Could not find a suitable thread to tag this on to but thought it was worth mentioning that Aldi have some good specials comming up including a torque wrench for $30, a battery charger for $30 and a hex key set for $20

  2. Wish Aldi had a store down my way, could do with a torque wrench!
  3. Does Aldi allow you shop online?

    Could probably arrange to pick one up and post it to you if you like?
  4. Went and had a look at the torque wrench this morning. Annoyingly, its 28 Nm to ~ 210 Nm (or something like that). My sump plug and oil filter bolt require 20 Nm. Damn!
  5. I'd be wary of buying precision tools that are so cheap. Is $30 worth the risk of a stripped bolt, or a warped head, rocker cover or whatever?

    If you need a torque wrench, then spend the dough and get something like a Warren & Brown model.
  6. my oil drain plug is 25Nm FML

    but on the brighter side of light i got it for 15 bucks! at villawood's aldi! It doesnt show up as torque wrench set on the receipt, rather as "Pop Up Bowling Alley", so im not sure if i can return it. but hey 15 bucks for a torque wrench.
  7. I don't know if I'd trust an Aldi Torque wrench (or any torque wrench under $100), but they're pretty easy to check...

    Me, I got the racheting wrench set for $30, a good buy. The kincrome equivalent was more than $70 & these appear to be pretty similarly built.

    Rocker cover bolts are in trouble now!
  8. Hey, those kalamatta olives are a good price...:bolt: :p
  9. In my experience cheap tools are just that.

    4 years ago I bought a good set of Pedros Allen keys and a Pedros torque wrench for working on my collection of mountain bikes (I'm new to this petrol driven business). I have not stripped a single bolt head or thread since.

    So for a grand total of $340 I have had completely hassle free wrenching for 4 years and the tools are still as good as when I bought them.

    I guess the point is that if you buy cheap tools, you should expect cheap results.
  10. I only buy snap on tools now, no more cheap crap for me :(

    you get what you pay for... plus, the top and bottom 'band' of a torque wrench are not 'usable'

    so if it starts at 25nm, its good from about 40 -50 onwards
  11. well you are not going to be shopping in aldi then are you,

    Geez the tools from aldi are gonna be pretty average but they are cheap, that the draw. But in my experience their tools have actually been pretty usable. I accept that they are not the best quality but they are not tat and for the back yard mechanic who doesnt use the tools all that often they are pretty good

    They have a welder coming up next week for $79
  12. It's like the Ozito and GMC brands that Harvey Norman sells. You wouldn't rely on them to build a house, say, but for the occasional small project or renno, they may be fine.

    Having said that, I have an Ozito rotary hammer drill that I paid $49 for. So far it's helped me demolish a brick fence, a brick wall on the garage and to drill a number of holes in concrete for a pool fence. If it shits itself tomorrow then I'll be satisfied that I got my money's worth out of it.

    On the flipside I bought a GMC battery drill. It came with 2 batteries. However, it really needs a half a dozen as they used to go flat within 20 minutes of operation.

    When they stopped accepting a charge I contacted GMC and enquired as to how I can purchase replacement batteries. They put me onto its website where I filled out a form.

    2 weeks later i received a replacement drill kit (drill, batteries, charger, etc.). However, they too had a limited life. Last week the whole kit and kaboodle went into the recycle bin.

    I'll stick with Makita and its Li-ion battery equipped gear, I think.
  13. I am a full time motor mechanic and I would not waste my hard earned on "snap off tools" I have a KC Tools kit that has also got lifetime warranty, does everything my bosses snap off set does and is worth 1/4 of the price, 8 years on and my kit is as good as the day i bought it.
  14. most is expensive and over priced, i agree. But some , you can't live without. The flare nut wrenches are amazing. Ratchet spanners are alot better than anything else i have used and the 80tooth flex head long ratchets are great.

    Agree, a lot of their other stuff is over priced, rebranded chinese stuff.

    Bluepoint is a good range for a more realistic price.

    Theres lots of other good tools out there, i also have a full set of JBS which i have had for 9 years, used and abused it and its still great.
  15. Lots of people biatch abort Snap On and in is very expensive. I've never had to replace any of mine in 20 odd years and most of it was my fathers before it was mine...

    I assume you meant cost a 1/4...:D
  16. Aldi tools are a bit hit & miss, I've got a socket set I bought 6 years ago from there that I'm still using, I've got a drill I bought 3 months ago that won't last much longer...
  17. I bought a cheap 1/4" drive socket set from one of those "auto supermarket" chains about 20 years ago. The first time that I used the 10mm socket on the rocker covers the bolt rounded off.

    I ended up getting a standard Sidchrome 1/2" socket on it which was able to grip the bolt and undo it.

    The small socket set was binned.

    Back then, Sidchrome didn't make much in the way of smaller drive sets. But I recall that a brand called "Minimax" was pretty good. I should've spent the dough on one of them.

    If you're trying to unscrew a hard-to-get-at bolt and you round off the head due to a crap fitting socket, the work to get it unbolted, then replaced will more than outweigh the extra cost for a decent set of sockets, or indeed, any other hand tools.