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Aldi Padock Stands - a noobs view

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by Jem, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    When Aldi had their recent Motorcycle sale I bought a set of paddock stands, not really sure why but at $50 each what did I have to loose I thought.

    So got them home and put them together, was a bit concerned about how the handle joined together but after some stress testing all seemed okay.

    First task was to get a set of spools for the ER as the way the back brake cable is run you cannot use the flat lifters as an attachment. So the search for spools was on.... Well easy you might think just type spools into Google or ebay and go from there.... Seriously have you done that - way too much choice for any sane person to make sense of. Anyway that is a whole other story got a set a fitted them last weekend.

    So Saturday was the day to give them a go, nice enough afternoon and the bike needed a wash so I thought it is now or never. Fortunately I had seen the thread about not using the front without the back being already up so knew to start with the back one first ( Thanks by the way ).

    So move the bike up to the footpath; the only flat part I have as my drive runs down hill; convince the wife to come and give me a hand and threaten the small people with a fate worth than death if they leave the veranda while I give it a go.

    So get the wife to hold the bike upright and line the back up and give it a go, was surprised how easily it came up, swap spots with the wife and have a feel of how stable the bike is, all good so far. Then moved to the front of the bike, not quite as simple the fork lifters do not lock into place the same way as the spools do - so took a couple of goes to get them in the right spot. Kept going after all what is the worst thing that can happen.... Got the front up and again had a feel of how stable the bike was. All good so release the small people and go and get the washing stuff and cleaned the bike. Made the whole cleaning process much easier especially washing and drying the wheels.

    Getting the bike down was just as easy; so in my noobs view $100 well spent.

    Here is the bike up on the stands -


    Cheers Jeremy

    PS If anyone wants the other handles and the other lifting attachments let me know; more than happy to give them to a fellow netrider, pick up from Nunawading in Vic.
  2. Good one.

    Don't forget you can use a block of wood or similar under the sidestand to get the bike a bit more upright to make it easier to hook the spools.

    BTW, the worst that can happen is your bike takes a dive to the ground, with associated damage. That's pretty bad I would think...
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  3. Hi GD,

    Thanks for the tip on the block of wood would not have thought of that, would make it possible for me to do it by myself I think.

    Yeah; knew about the bike getting tied and wanting to have a rest to be honest was not so worried about that happening but more about it happening with the small people being underneath it if it did happen.

    It is amazing how mentioning the words "No Ice Cream" can get a 3 year old to do what you ask for about 30 seconds !!!

  4. Give it a few more practices and you'll be doing in on your own. One of the tricks is about HOW you put the effort into the rear stand. The cheaper the stand though, the shorter the lever arm and so the more oomph you need to apply.

    But anyway, on level ground you should be able to hold the bike vertical and manage to hook the stand onto the pickups. When you're confident the pickups are being securely held, you don't need to support the bike anymore, just reef on the stand on one smooth motion.
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  5. good pick up from the OP, but for others i highly suggest spending, a tad, more.


    yeah, it's $175 and not $100 for the pair, but this gets shipped to you aus wide for free, and is an aussie company, and it comes with free spools - and you can avoid the headache as they have a drop down list for which bike you have so you get everything you need for your bike...

    since their spools cost $20, and you get free shipping, it's only marginally more, BUT it's pretty well designed, very stable and even more importantly...

    a front stand on it's own is not that useful aside from swapping out the front wheel... if you wanna do any kind of fork work, the aldi stand is useless.... Kaneg offer a front conversion for $69 extra that converts their front stand to a head (a.k.a triple tree) stand. the conversion comes with multiple pin sizes so it can be used on multiple bikes...

    over all, better product from a dedicated aussie stand company with more options down the track should you wish to pursue them.... and you don't have to wait for any kind of special and get crushed in the rush for the one time in the year aldi puts some rather average moto stuff for sale...

    still others have different priorities, and for chain work and rear wheel work on bikes that do not have a centre stand, $50 is pretty good going for those that will likely do no other work to their bikes....

    edit: they have a discounted head lift / rear stand for $200 bones delivered....
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  6. ^ very useful info thanks for posting it. Think if I had done a bit more research I would have gone down your route.

    Will definitely keep it in mind when I am back in the market.

    Thanks Jeremy
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