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Aldi Paddock Stands - user error

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Unconnected, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Not as much value for money as previously thought.

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  2. ****! You poor cun*!!
  3. Re: Aldi Paddock Stands

    Turns out i was actually lucky that my store was sold out. My condolences. How bads the damage?
  4. Re: Aldi Paddock Stands

  5. Re: Aldi Paddock Stands

    You do know that you have to use a rear stand if you use a front stand? If you tried lifting the front wheel off the ground without the rear wheel first being on a stand it will fall over.
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  6. Re: Aldi Paddock Stands

    ironically ( i think) i got the exact same one and it works nice on the hornet for the rear at least...

    You need to stop pushing the bike over. :p Did you break anything?
  7. Re: Aldi Paddock Stands

    User error or product fail?
  8. Re: Aldi Paddock Stands

    User error!!!
    As [MENTION=27362]E2W[/MENTION] stated, you MUST have the rear on a stand first or the bike WILL fall over!!!
    Don't care what stand you use or how much you pay for it.
    You CANNOT use a front stand only!
    (maybe can if your bike has a center stand???)
  9. Re: Aldi Paddock Stands

    Came home and found it like that, the bike is perfectly fine no new damage.

    As for using a front stand only, when i put the bike on it i obviously had someone hold it upright.

    I have seen many people have bikes sitting on front stands only, it seemed to be perfectly fine sitting on the paddock stand as it was since lunch time Saturday...

    It is not easy to get a rear stand for my bike.
  10. Re: Aldi Paddock Stands

    Must have been balanced 'just so'!
    Will eventually fall.
    Try this for the rear,
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    Re: Aldi Paddock Stands

    Definitely user error.. not sure why you are blaming the stand without analyzing what could happen if you just use the front. You can balance the front all you want but eventually it can pivot at the head and drop the bike.


    Watch @ 1.05 - Im sure Mr Van knows what he's talking
  12. Re: Aldi Paddock Stands

    doenst fit mate. the NC24 has a very different hub design and is significantly narrower. A custom pin might be in order, which im assuming will be expensive.

    bike seemed pretty stable, i pushed it around a fair bit and jiggled it and rocked it back and forth on saturday to test it out and it was fine. Perhaps i should at least chock (sp) the rear wheel or find a way to activate the rear brake.

    On viewing mr vans video i can conclusively admit user failure and actually say that the aldi stand must be pretty decent to hold my bike up for two days with out falling, it must have decent traction on the garage floor to stop it rolling backwards.
    Hmm i wish posters could delete their own threads on netrider.....:p at least my bike is built old-school tough.
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  13. Re: Aldi Paddock Stands

    it was just a little tired.
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  14. Re: Aldi Paddock Stands

    I bought one of these stands. I did look at those front pegs and wondered what is going to stop them from swinging around. I guess it's the stability of a front stand.
    Shit luck dude, lucky no extra damage.
  15. Re: Aldi Paddock Stands

    Its a honda.....they need to lay down every now and again because they get tired so easily...:bolt:
  16. Re: Aldi Paddock Stands

    Yep that's a USER FAIL! Don't go blaming the product for that one LOL
  17. Re: Aldi Paddock Stands

    Oops, looks like you owned yourself.

    Still sucks though.
    This should be in jokes and humor!
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  18. Re: Aldi Paddock Stands

    If a front fork stand was all that was available to me, I'd never use it. I just don't trust them enough. In conjuntion with the back stand, I'd only ever use a Triple Tree Front Stand. Doesn't matter how much the head wants to turn then.

    I'm at work, so this isn't a picture of my bike.

    Sorry to see your baby taking a snooze like that. I'd quite possibly pass out if I walked into my garage to see my girl like that... I'm glad it all seem to be well and 'old school tough'.
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    Thanks for the warning. I'm sure I would have done the same thing. There is nothing in the manual about not lifting the front with out stabilising the back so it's not all your fault. If there were more damage I would certainly have a whinge to torque.

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  20. Re: Aldi Paddock Stands

    What's wrong with a bit of Aussie ingenuity. Grab yaself a bit of old ply, some scrap 4x2 and some gaffer tape and presto..a bike stand.

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