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Aldi motorcycle accessories sale

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by guest1347, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Just went to aldi and picked up a tank bag, 4 pairs of motorcycle socks, gloves and a bike cover. I couldn't see the bike cover advertised on the broucher or website so I was plesantly surprised when I saw it, it is $30.

    I'll be interested to see how long they last, they look like they arn't too bad.
  2. ah good its back.. im off for a tankbag..
  3. just went and baught the boots, socks, gloves and a tankbag. I have a plastic tank cover so im just going to cut the strap and put hooks on it.
    Its not bad gear all of it fits well and there is no major faults in the gloves that will caus ethem to either not fit or fall apart, like most cheap ones do.
  4. yeah bought the tank bag.... very smartly made by the look.... all compartments zip off and have many uses! great bargain i reckon....
  5. Does the bag have any straps by any chance so you can put it on the pillion instead? Not a fan of having a big bag sitting on the tank infront of me.
  6. ive just been to the Rosehill store around lunchtime for tankbag and racing socks. There were only few socks left, i think it will sold out soon, still a good number of bags & bike cover left tho.
  7. any pants left in bankstown/canterbury/hurstville area?
  8. Just got back from aldi then. Got a pair of gloves, boots, and the tank bag.

    Rode home with the gloves on, felt good initially but are very rigid, wouldn't want to wear them on trips longer than 30 mins - hour, but feel very sturdy.

    Boots seem pretty comfortable and reasonable build quality except zipper is slightly flimsy.

    The tank bag however is awesome. has heaps of compartments can also be used as a backpack or shoulder bag. Managed to fit it to my pillion with a bit of work as well.
  9. So Boots and Gloves a good buy?
  10. ...and the tank bag it would seem.
  11. I got a couple pairs of socks, the gloves, the chain and the tank bag. Their boots looked alright, but i already have a pair of armored racing boots. Are their pants any good? Currently im riding in normal jeans, but i'd rather save up for leather than go aldi pants.
  12. I got a tank bag, two pair of socks and the cover. The cover fits my bike and should hopefully reduce my instances of soggy bottom!

    Marrickville only had three pairs of boots in size 9 thou. :(
  13. got a tank bag and a chain/lock.

    i rekon ill grab a cover tomorrow.

    boots, gloves, socks, were sold out. the guy at the desk told me a gang of bikies bought all the boots and gloves in one hit this morning.



    somewhere not far from here is a massive group if riders in brand spanking new MATCHING Aldi gear. :cool:
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  14. Got a tank bag and had fun playing with it this morning. Got mine at the beaconsfield store around 10:30 and there was heaps of everthing advertised plus the covers. Id asume there will still be some left if anyone out this way wants some ALDI goodness!
  15. since when do bloody supermarkets in OZ sell motorcycle gear?
  16. There are other thread about ALDI stick to those to discuss them thank you.

    SEARCH before you post
  17. Its that time of the year again. I just saw the catalogue out.

    Some of the same stuff from last year and a few new things.

    There is a disc lock alarm which looks good and a blue tooth headset which are new. Leather jacket only $99 which I think is cheaper than last year.

    They have advertised jeans again this year - I think they were $69. Hopefully this year there will actually be some available.

    I'll probably pick up some new gloves - the last Aldi ones I got have lasted me 2 years and I wear them most days.

    I reckon one of their best items is the woollen midlayer. But I've got two of those already haha. Also the textile jacket and pants are good stuff - perfect for new riders who are trying to kit up in reasonable gear but have limited budget.
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  18. Is this an add for Aldi?
  19. What's an add for aldi? Surely you mean ad.

    Good to know Brmmm, I'll need to have a look at what they're selling.
    Edit: The products aren't on their website yet.
  20. Attention Deficit Disorder?