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Aldi Kevlar Jeans

Discussion in 'Pants' started by Unconnected, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Sharing this picture of a friend of a friends knee after a 40kph stack in aldi kevlars, the rider was wearing knee armor (from a third party, aldi jeans have no armor) and that is what saved his knee.


    Dont ask me any questions pertaining to the crash i dont know, i am just sharing the photo.

    If i was riding in aldi's i would be throwing them in the bin and buying at least a better brands kevlar jeans.
    However for me personally i only wear kevlars when doing non spirited touring (read: never) and wear standard fashion jeans for commuting with hard shell armor underneath.

  2. Re: Aldi Kevlar Jeans

    That would have been fun without the armor
  3. Re: Aldi Kevlar Jeans

    **** thats nasty.
  4. Re: Aldi Kevlar Jeans

    Its the armour that caused that damage.
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  5. Re: Aldi Kevlar Jeans

    That armour just paid for itself as opposed to the medical costs...smart bloke, your friend.
  6. Re: Aldi Kevlar Jeans

    Should send that photo to ALDI. I have heard they are pretty good with faulty stuff. You mate might get his money back and they may even pull the product.
  7. Re: Aldi Kevlar Jeans

    Doubt it, would have been the kneecap otherwise.
  8. Re: Aldi Kevlar Jeans

    wow holy crap. anyone know how to best evaluate kevlars apart from just brand rep?
  9. Re: Aldi Kevlar Jeans

    I'm just going to put it out there, I don't think this kind of thing would be unusual for a majority of these "cheap" brands of jeans that have cropped up (anyone else notice that all these new brands dodge any kind of actual product testing???).
  10. Blabs probably right, without the armor the knee would have been smashed but the jeans may have been intact. No jean will protect you against impact, only abrasions. I assume the jeans in question have provision for armor they just are too scummy to provide it.
  11. Re: Aldi Kevlar Jeans

    I find myself inclined to agree actually.
  12. Re: Aldi Kevlar Jeans

    Im not sure how you can agree that the knee armour did the damage, Sure it provided a pressure point on the jeans that allowed it to wear through faster, but that pressure point is initially generated by the kneecap. In the end, the armour played a sacrifical part and stopped old matey sitting in hospital having gravel scraped out of his leg with a wire brush.
  13. Re: Aldi Kevlar Jeans

    Anyone got any Aldi helmets? I think Id be upgrading after seeing that..
  14. Re: Aldi Kevlar Jeans

    Its simple really,old mate went down hard on his knee.
    Normal damage would have been smashed knee and minimal damage to gear.
    Put armour on knee--no knee damage and trashed gear.
    No brand of jeans would have survived.
    The inference here is, that Aldi gear is shit--it may be,but this is a poor example.
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  15. Re: Aldi Kevlar Jeans

    I bought a pair last week, and I must say that's very nasty!

    I've no doubt they're still better than the K-Mart jeans I commute in (doesn't excuse that, however) so I think I'll go ahead and use my Aldi jeans for work and not proper riding, as I was thinking to do. But that's very disappointing!

    From what I've seen rigidity mean more significant wear. You see people with those rigid knuckles on their gloves who exlaim, after a crash, about what would have happened if they're just had leather in that place. If they'd just had leather in that place it would simply have scratched rather than ground down. It's the rigidity that does worst in a crash.
  16. Re: Aldi Kevlar Jeans

    That looks like abrasion damage to be - just look at what has happened to the surface of the armor. He might have hit his knee initially, but it looks like he went for a slide.
  17. Re: Aldi Kevlar Jeans

    Oh crap on a cracker!... I'm investing in knee armor tomorrow!
  18. Re: Aldi Kevlar Jeans

    Get a piece of denim,stick it over you hand,go out to the road and push it into the bitumen and rub.
    Replace hand with a cricket ball and do the same----check out the difference.

    If ya all that sooky and worried,get full armour and never venture out without it.

    Stop cashing ya losers.
  19. Re: Aldi Kevlar Jeans

    As much crap Blabbus types, I'm inclined to agree with him.
    I really think Tak is probably the most educated person to comment, providing he has done abrasion testing on his jeans.