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Aldi Jeans - Hip Armour

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ElectricTurtle, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Bought some Aldi jeans in the sale this year and like them. They are comfortable enough for me and IMHO a bargain. The knee protectors may be ok, but the jeans lack hip protection. They do have pockets in the hips for armour though.

    A possible solution:
    Rev'it SEESMART Motorcycle HIP PROTECTOR INSERTS RV33 (CE Level 1) which are thin and flexible.

    These hip protectors are sized (according to website):
    Length - 190mm
    Width at widest end - 108mm
    Width at narrow end - 89mm

    Looks like they should fit in the pockets nicely, they might even be a teeny bit too small.

    (Another option: "Held" Quattrotempi Protectors. CE Level 2. These may be a little too bulky to fit in the pockets though)

    Alas, Rev'it Australia does not yet have any shops selling the "Seesmart" armour separately, so have to buy them from overseas Rev'it distributors. The shipping cost from the UK doesn't make it very economical to buy one pair.

    If any other NR's want hip protectors for Aldi jeans, I'll order a couple more at the same time to reduce the cost.


  2. Pretty sure they were supposed to come with hip armour. The ones at my local Aldi store did, I just didn't have the cash when they were here.
  3. I think it depended on which 'model' you got. Our local had 2 different jeans - cheap and cheaper. The cheap pair had knee and hip armour the cheaper pair just had kevlar.
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  4. Yes, that's what we had as well. Just kevlar, kevlar plus knee and hip armour, then leather, textile and wet weather over-pants.
  5. Really.. I might have got the "cheaper" pair then.. The pair I got does have kevlar and knee armour though.. always next year!
  6. Hi

    Draggin has a range of armour called DFFUSE and this should also fit the pocket. It is priced at $25, is CE Level 1 Approved, and available anywhere you can buy Draggin so no freight.

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  7. I had some Spidi hip armour that I bought years ago that fits into the Aldi kevlar jeans. But I agree that the Draggin armour looks better.
    Saw some kevlar jeans in the bargain bin at Aldi (Abbotsford) yesterday. Limited sizes though.
  8. When you say it looks better, do you mean it looks more effective or it's more pleasing to the eye.
  9. I've got the aldi jeans with the armour but took them out - free if you have any mates heading north post MotoGP who want to pick them up on the way past?
  10. Thanks for offer Diff, much appreciated. I'm short on riding mates as just getting back on the road, so not at this time.
  11. Thanks DragginJeans, Aldi pocket appears to take a maximum of 20 x 13cm (less if armour is thick). The Diffuse armour (21 x 12cm) could be trimmed to fit. I'm not sure about the suitability of the teardrop shape to the straight sided pocket, but it's certainly an option.
  12. Dude, I've extras from Aldi jeans too, also yours for free - pm me and I'll mail them to you. Buy me a beer the next time you're in SYD
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  13. Awesome, thanks Sneo, pm sent. :)