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Aldi have HP sauce

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by simon varley, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. and McVities HobNobs. what more could an ex-pat want?

  2. A ticket home?
  3. my girlfriend keeps gong on about HP sauce. I fail to see whats so special about it.
  4. HP sauce you can buy in most supermarkets ...... Hobnobs are a rarer item.

    Coles even used to have Branston Pickles on its shelves - dunno if they still do though.
  5. Great.
    The next time the Queen comes over to stay I'll know where to take her shopping.
  6. you like Hobnobs eh

    [img: deleted]

    same as choc wheatens arnt they?
  7. My older BMW runs on home brand Red Ned. High-falutin HP is wasted on it.
  8. My local Coles has Marmite. Yum!

    HP sauce is not BBQ sauce!
  9. Nothin' better than a bacon butty with HP =P~
    and it CAN be had mostly eevrywhreher. BUT we just got a parcel with THORNTONS chocolates :woot: :woot: inside
  10. I refuse to consume HP sauce, and do not condone its use.
  11. I love the stuff.

    Worcester Sauce is good too
  12. and woolies has IRN-Bru, just waiting to come accross some purple wicked :s

    Failing that there are plenty of english food stores around.
  13. u mean Worcestershire sauce??
  14. Worcestershire - hell yeah!!!!
  15. Now would anyone care to explain why it's pronounced "Wooster-shire"?
  16. Worcestershire sauce is a fermented liquid condiment first made at 68 Broad Street, Worcester by two dispensing chemists.
    The product is made and bottled in the Midlands Road factory in Worcester.
    Worcestershire sauce is referred to in South Africa and some parts of the US as Worcester sauce (pronounced /ˈwʊstə/), or spelled phonetically as Wuster sauce.
  17. we call it black sauce.

    for something to read.... click me
  18. Oxymoron of the week! :LOL: :p
  19. So, the HP goes in the fuel tank, right?
  20. Only if you've got a diesel. :LOL: