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Aldi GPS on special this week $59

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Tone2, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. anyone know if i can bluetooth pair this with my scala rider q2?
  2. Doesn't mention bluetooth so I'd say no.

    I would point out that this is not a bike-specific GPS so the screen is not going to be very bright and will not be particularly weather proof.
  3. I don't think this current Aldi gps is motorcycle specific (if that's what you're looking at it for) thus not waterproof and without the attachment bits their motorcycle unit came with...
  4. they had a motorcycle mount, including weatherproof case.
  5. I have Aldi's GoCruise from last year (and still love it). However, to answer your initial question, it can ONLY be paired with its own helmet earpiece attachment...and I have never had a problem with it.
  6. i got the 4x3 inch one just recently for $79, buggers dropped that to $69 last week, it is said to be able to take sd card, are they a NORMAL sized card? or are they the type that slot into mobiles? if I get one off the net I just wanna make sure I dont waste my money
  7. you take a chance with specials. Sometimes they run out, othertimes they drop the price. I have the same one, but still deciding if is ok.

    I use the voice guide, but it is not very loud and need to check if tells me early enough to turn or after I have passed the turn.
  8. mine I found out was a tad slow to respond when recalculating, knowing streets I have tested it and if I were in uknown territory I'd have to relay on it's directions. voice loudness in car is plenty, maybe plug in an ear plug madmaxoz?
  9. I do use earphones, but still hard to hear when hit 300kph on the racetrack.... lucky no streets to turn off at......lol and if there was, by the time it told me to turn I would be 500metres past it!
  10. lol well then good thing you dont listen to AMy Winehouse lol
  11. tried to listen to Marcel Marco, but even at walking pace can't hear anything!