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Aldi Gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ResmeN, May 13, 2011.

  1. Got an email from Aldi saying they're having a snow gear sale on Thursday 2nd June. On last years sale I went and picked up some nice thermal tops and bottoms for $20 each, knee high socks, skivvy etc. Very cheap prices. My only advice to you is get yourself in to the store very early as shoppers seem to lose themselves and go nuts at these sales.

    This sale is timely with the colder months approaching and full time/winter/rain/commuter riders should take advantage of.

    This also tells me that the Aldi annual motorcycle gear sale isn't too far off as last year they first had this snow sale followed a few months or weeks later by the motorcycle gear sale. Again the people go nuts so first in best dressed otherwise you'll have to order online or pay inflated prices at local bike shops to get the same gear.


  2. :woot:
    The snow is comin', the snow is comin'.

    My fat white arse is in dire need of some new thermals me thinks.
    Thanks RemeN for the heads up.
  3. Yeah, thanks for the heads up ResmeN!


  4. can wait for more bargains. their stuff is actually pretty good. It might be made in cheap countries but I trust their German quality control :).........anyway who isnt using cheap countries to manufacture mass goods, even the big flashy names use it.

    Tie downs would come in handy as well.
  5. Thanks all, just passing the word around for fellow riders to benefit from the cheap winter and bike gear on offer at aldi.

    On last years bike sale I got a bike cover for $39 for a rainy day still in it's pack but will come in handy one day. Similar cover at a local bike shop $60 and up.
    Got a mid layer high neck wool motorcycle jumper for $39 which I wear on top of the thermals in cold weather. Same jumper at a local bike shop $70 and up.
    The savings are evident.
  6. Thanks for the heads up, looking forward for some thermo layers.
  7. Is this at all stores or just a select few? Think the closest to me is the one near Highpoint
  8. got myself two of them new fangled aldi ratchet tie downs :p
  9. I bought a helmet from Aldi last year just as a second to keep at my gf place incase i drove over but then wanted to ride her bike. Not too bad for $50!
  10. Correct it is all stores nationwide. These are other stores close by to hipoint:
    ALDI Maribyrnong, 11 Edgewater Boulevard, Maribyrnong 3032
    ALDI Footscray West, 67 Ashley Street, West Footscray 3011
    ALDI Sunshine, Hampshire Rd & Service St (Sunshine Plaza), Sunshine 3020
    ALDI Keilor East, Cnr Milleara Rd & Buckley St, Keilor East 3033
    You can check for more here
    Should get updated soon hopefully with the exact range they will have on sale. If I get an email before I'll post details here.
  11. I have setup a screen scrapper that runs every 10 minutes looking for the string "Error 404", it will send me a text once that string is gone.
  12. Excellent. I need more thermals.
    Hopefully I don't have to wrestle any of you for the last pair.

  13. that is proper geeky!

    I applaud you =D>
  14. Yeah Maryrbynongnongon (however the hell it's spelled) is Highpoint (it's only a minute down the road) and is the closest
  15. you are awesome :D =D>
  16. Thanks Mate, I need a new Parka and pants for skiing,
  17. So, is "Men’s and Ladies Ski Compression Underwear" a set of thermals? looks like it to me
  18. Last time Aldi had this gear I got in a little late but bought two of the compression tops but they only had one pair of bottoms left in my size...
    They've been brilliant if you don't mind tight fitting thermals.
    I'm going back to get another pair of the bottoms.