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Aldi - Budget Motorcycling Gear from your favourite Germans

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by scarecrow, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. Any news on whether they'll be selling cut-price K1200 Bimmers with Tevion badges?


    That tank bag looks quite handy, mind you.
  2. Only if BMW are willing to produce a few million of them in one bulk lot for Aldi to purchase :p
  3. ALDI Magnetic Motorcycle Tank Bag (& assorted gear)

    Just stumbled across quite a bargain!
    ALDI are advertising a 'Crane' brand magnetic tank bag with supposed 20L volume with 'integrated rain cover' and a clear map pocket on the top for a measly $50 (ok, $49.99).
    ALDI Tank Bag

    They're also advertising a 'Motorcycle Kidney Belt' ($19.99), some Motorcycle Gloves ($9.99), and what'dya know Textile jacket ($99), pants ($79) and boots ($69).

    Also something i'll be checking out is the Motorbike 2-way communicator. It looks like a basic radio with a mic and two thin padded earpieces to put in your helmet. For $99 it might be a bit pricey for an impulse buy.

    So if your looking for some cheap but still decent gear for your pillions or even some cheap seconds then you might wanna give it a look. I'm gonna head down and check out the tank bags and will report back on the rest of the gear whilst i'm there. A spare pair of gloves and boots certainly wouldn't go astray.

    PS. These specials apparently start on this Thursday 26th October.
  4. if anybody has some input on these I'd love to hear about it. I've been a big fan of other ALDI offerings, but the prospect of getting 'no frills' brand safety gear does make me a little uneasy.

    The gloves are $29.99 btw and not $9.99
  5. cool guna grab that bag for sure.
    I already have a pear of cheap secounds reckon i need a thierd ? :)

    thank for the post
  6. Well for the occasional day on which Mrs Hornet could come riding, some of the gear will be being looked at seriously....
  7. I don't really need any more gear at the moment but if I did I'd have no problem getting stuff from Aldi. Should be no different in quality than, say, RJays (ie, not very good, but good enough if the price is right). Who cares about the label? It's all made in the same factories anyway...
  8. When is this bargain? I went to ALDI (in the city) last week to check on the tank bag and couldn't find any...
    Possibility.. the dun stock them in ALDI city or the bargain is over/coming?
  9. Check the first post. Sale starts this Thursday 26th October. :)
  10. Oppsss.... sorry my bad.
  11. Make sure you get there early. Aldi often only get a few items like this in.
    Saying that the snow boarding stuff is still in after a few months, guess there is not too much demand for it in QLD
  12. I'm going on holidays for a week to my folks place at Miles in Qld. Nearest Aldi store is about 250km away. So I phoned Aldi to hold some bits / layby so I didn't do a 500km round trip only to be disapointed:

    "Sorry we cannot give out Aldi store Phone No.s and we cannot confirm the availability of stock at particular stores"

    Shonky Donkey...
  13. Dunno who makes the gloves, but 3M makes the Jacket. When Australia Post tried their hand at point to point bike deliveries, all of their riders wore 3M. So they can't be too bad.
    On another note, I tried to buy a tank bag on eBay. I won the bidding for just shy of $50 + postage. Then the guy tells me it has a slight tear in it, nothing to worry about. So I called off the deal :evil:
    I thought I'd have to go through the whole process again. Shittage!
    Not anymore though, GUNNA BAG ME A BAG!

    Thanks for posting,
  14. don't double post :mad:,don't double post :mad:,don't double post :mad:,don't do it :evil: stop it :evil: I know you're gunna :? :shock:

    Bastard, I knew it :roll:
  15. Bike Gear on sale at ALDI

    Check out www.aldi.com.au and look at this weeks specials... Jacket, pants gloves, boots and a magnetic tank bag.
  16. just picked up one of the tank bags- for $50 will be hard to beat! Pretty impressed so far but i guess the real test will be how it performs..oh well they were so cheap i bought two!
  17. Yeah, mate brought the latest catalogue into work. Don't know about the quality but the price is good