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Aldi bike gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by davidk, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. Good morning all,
    I received an Aldi catalogue in the letterbox yesterday....they are selling bike gear (clothing, helmets, gloves etc.) on Saturday 8th August. I checked their web site and it is not advertised on there yet.
    Anyway....does anyone know if their gear is any good? The prices seem excellent!
    I am in Vic btw...I don't know if this will be all states?

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  2. For what it costs, it's good value.

    Wait a few weeks and the prices will come down.
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  3. Hi Sneo....from what I have read, in previous years everything sells very quickly!
  4. Hi davidk,
    i saw that catalogue yesterday too, i'm definitely going down to get a few things.
    i got a tank bag & bike cover from them last year & they're still going strong (the tank bag even survived a low side)

    As Sneo said the value is really good, the quality isn't as good as top tier gear, but for a fraction of the price you can't really expect that.

    & to your other point, yes be quick. if it doesn't sell out within the week they usually stop selling/stocking it to make way for other specials
  5. Agree, not as good as top line stuff, but better than the price would suggest. There seem to be a few reports of seams failing but the few Aldi items I have picked up have worn pretty well and even stayed waterproof (this is always hit or miss).
    I know others have had different results, and I haven't crash-tested anything yet.
    Selection this time is very much reduced from previous years.
  6. what's the dateafthe sale? It's usually around 1st or 2nd week of August.
    I highly recommend the stuff. I purchased some socks, a tank bag, boots, gloves and what I think they call a maintenance kit that's got chain lube, I don't know if that's any good mines a shaft drive, visor cleaner and a soft cloth. All of this stuff is a couple of years old now and still going strong.
    Unfortunately I'm to fat for their clothing so I cant comment on that.
    If you want to get some gear I suggest you get there early as the stuff sells fast.
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  7. the textile jacket didn't give enough ventilation for me so i dont use that anymore. the leather jacket i still use only in winter though due to the ventiation (maybe im just a pussy). the textile pants came apart at the seams 6 months in. the jeans im still wearing them. i find them more comfortable off the bike than normal jeans even. rain gear goes ok but not tested in torrential rain, also works well when there's a cold wind blowing.
    i've not crash tested any of it.
    also if you want to buy anything then get there early or you will miss out
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  8. That may be true, I was in Paramatta Aldi last September for something else and saw the jeans going for $30 and the textile pants for $40.

    Got one a piece. Textile pants are heavy and the zipper down the legs keep getting caught in the fabric below. If you put armour in the jeans the pockets in the knee are a bit shallow or my proportions are just wrong. But for the price...
  9. I noticed they've got two similar but differently priced types of denim/kevlar jeans - strange. Didn't notice what the difference was.
  10. Thank you for all of the feedback (y)
    I will be on their doorstep at 9am! :woot:
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  11. You want to be there before 9am, there's always a huge lineup for these sales.
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  12. I brought a pit stand (rear), use it regualry and it's fine. hasn't broken, bile hasn't fallen off. My bike is 130kg wet but I've used while sitting on the bike. Might get another if they have them this year and see if I can mod it for a triple point stand. Unless anyone knows of a supplier who sells them cheap?
  13. I bought the textile pants for $80 a few years back and they are still going strong. Only wear them in winter though.

    For $80 it's a good item. Waterproof and winterproof..

    I wouldn't buy the helmet or the textile jacket.

  14. Very interested in the Kevlar jeans, tank bag, waterproof over gear and a maintenance kit.
    Closest Aldi is 150kms away, will be making an early morning trip next Saturday.
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  15. No tank bag this year. They have a backpack instead.
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  16. Ohhh, bugger!
    Is the catalouge available already? Checked on the Aldi website to no avail.
  17. Yeah, the catalog came out yesterday but that won't help you seeing how far away you are. I'll see if I can take and upload pics.
  18. That would be exceptionally helpful and a very generous offer, but please don't put yourself out just for me. :joyful:
  19. These are not my photo's but if something is blurry, I have the catalog here to clarify. 11823049_10153543597318787_1173350993444996851_o. 11225422_10153543596288787_3780106633422596282_o. 11705833_10153543595233787_427432580502393923_o. 11741140_10153543594273787_1764485041029435422_o. 11782161_10153543593403787_5086737909532476956_o.

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