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Aldi Bike Gear on Special

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by sneo, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. Some jackets, pants, jeans and boots on special today at Castle Hill Aldi and Macquarie Shopping Centre Aldi.

    If the stuff you got in July's worn out already...

  2. Thanks for the heads up mate. I'm out of town but got my wife to call in. Managed to pick me up a pair of jeans for $40
  3. I bought a Aldi leather jacket a couple of years ago, it was too small for me but thought the missus might want it, however she hurt her back about the same time and doesn't ride any more.

    The jacket still had the original Torque tags on it, it hasn't been worn and was just taking up space so I decided to sell it at a car boot sale the other weekend. I'm sure I paid $200 for so I marked it at $150 and was prepared to haggle $10 or $20. Young fellow tried it on, fitted him pretty well, he handed over the $150 and went on his way happy with the purchase. Turned around to give the money to the missus to put in the kitty with the rest of the sales, she then reminded me I only paid $99 for it :shy: .
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  4. But - Sell - Profit - (y)

    People will pay for convenience, it fit the young bloke and he wasn't interested in haggling so he's happy, you're happy, bonus.
  5. If they have any of the 60buck intercoms, I can confirm they do interface to Sena, audio is ordinary; range is crap. Perfect for a pillion but don't get one as a primary.
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  6. If only I was in Brisbane instead of Townsville .....
  7. Cmon Townsville is not that bad... Well shit nvrm
  8. I bought Aldi riding pants 2 months back & their separating at the seems already :stop:..My m8 purchased their helmet @ the same time , now told they don't meet the Australia standards.
  9. Hey CrazyKev, who has said that the Aldi helmet does not meet Aus standards? The helmets have the AS1698 sticker. It would be hard to imagine that Aldi would fake that.

    Has there been a recall or some other announcement?
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  10. i'll look into this further Michael, my mate told me this just before xmas.
  11. I agree with Michael, it is illegal to sell helmets in Australia without standards approval. I can't imagine Aldi would get caught on something so blatant.
  12. And on top of that we recently saw that the Aldi gear is some of the best available in terms of crash protection (I'm not sure if helmets were part of that testing), so it would make sense that they'd supply a decent helmet.
  13. Another thought, perhaps they were the firrst to import and sell a batch of the Euro standard helmets that are now legal to sell and use in many AU states?