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ALDI air tools

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by simon varley, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. just noticed that these are available again from the 21st. Not pro workshop quality but certainly good enough for the occasional home job and with ALDI's returns policy I'd say they're worth a try. I got mine from two years' ago offer and it's been fine for the light jobs I've needed it for

  2. their website hasn't been updated yet, do they have an air compressor as well?
  3. according to the flyer that wifey picked up yesterday they've got compressor with rattle gun etc plus saws, chisels, torque wrenches, nibblers and disc cutters
  4. i live 500m away from aldi will be checking this out
  5. I've had one of their air compressors (was just over $100) for two years and it's been great so far...
    Also came with enough attachments you normally buy seperate.

    Came with a crappy curly yellow hose but then a few weeks later and over a few months they had things like a 10 meter air hose on sale for $15, air wrench for removing tyres for $20, nail gun, etc...
    Got a nice selection now..
    As stated, not high end but more than enough for home use....

  6. Mine are still going strong from around 2 years ago as well, rattle gun gets a decent workout :)
  7. i'll be buying these then hopefully if i've got the money