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Aldi 7th July

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by simon varley, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. more thermals and hydration rucksacks if anyone's interested

  2. when are they selling the bike gear?
  3. maybe I should buy a helmet ?
  4. That's a much better business model Takamii!

    buy for $100, but some fancy graphics on, 100% markup, bam!
  5. Their helmet seems OK.
  6. I wouldn't want to trip over in one.
  7. Clipstone yamaha in ringwood have ZR1P helmets on sale for $100
  8. thanks for the heads up. Ill be getting the hydration backpack
  9. After riding to work for the first time this morning and freezing my arse off, I think a set of thermals might be in order :D
  10. Good luck with that, all the excercise freaks are snapping them up like crazy. Ive been going back to Aldi and they keep selling out of those thermals and compression suits.

    Mine seems good, fits like a glove although a bit bulky on the outside. Construction is up to par and even has better features than other far more expensive helmets.

    No Aldi gear has really disapointed me so far, cheap price because they bulk everything.

    Anyway Thursday is the 7th and my payday.....................if I find any compression and thermals im snapping as many up as I can. I like the Aldi compression better than the Big W ones, much thicker and seems sturdier.
  11. Maybe you've got a different one to what I tried on, it seemed fairly flimsy, of course it still got the AS sticker so who knows...
  12. nah it doesnt seem flimsy at all.
  13. Missus picked me up a pair of the thermal legging things this morning. They’re quite comfy and seem to keep the warmth in and cold out. Not bad for $30 :)
  14. but some cheap stockings..easier and warm under leathers..and kinky...but keep u warm for a lot cheaper
  15. I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed with the compression stuff. More like tight thermals than anything. They don't really wick away the sweat like compressions are supposed to do and I ended up sweating even more cause of this. I only had the legs to try but given how hot I was I'm not too keen to go buy a top and die from heat exhaustion on the snow fields...... Lol
  16. i bought the hydration rucksack. Can't complain for 20 bucks! Much better than i thought itd be
  17. So they're keeping you too hot?
    Hmm, that suggests they work for those of us further south....
  18. I havent really noticed its wicking properties, its been pretty cold during my rides and havent really sweated. It has left me comfortable though...............I even double up on compression sometimes for warmth (the big W compression also keeps me warm in winter so it might not be just the aldi one) and for those extra cold times 2 x compression, one thermal and leathers keeps me nice and crispy :)....................
  19. Yeah I played a game of footy with them. Really bad for it. Not really what they're supposed to do....

    I have nfi how you put so many layers on Mal..... besides that point, compressions are meant to keep you somewhat warm but also absorb the sweat and help it evaporate through the pores. If it isn't doing that you may as well call them thermals haha

    I honetsly didn't expect too much out of it, I just didn't expect it to heat me up so much. So I will only use it for light exercise now and no jogs/footy/sprints even if it's mother trucking 0 degrees!
  20. Id like to think im naturally skinny, its just the layers making me look naturally fat lol........................

    Nah who am I fooling, im naturally fat and thermals and compression makes me look naturally fatter lol.