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Aldi 2 in 1 Paddock Stand

Discussion in 'Archived' started by RedNinja, Oct 14, 2013.

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  1. Hey Guys / Girls,

    Just letting anyone who's interested know that Aldi Wyndham Vale (Other stores probably have them too) have 2 in 1 paddock stands (I.e. Can be used for front & rear lifting) on sale for $39 and had like 20 left yesterday.

    Picked one up myself and it's good , seems solid enough and at $39 bucks I thought it was worth sharing the good word.



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  2. I have two and yes they are not to bad have used them a couple of times 2nd one I picked up was $29.95 at the Benalla Store.
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  3. Bugger I'm in NSW, but I need a paddock stand as my bike doesn't have a center stand for maintenance
  4. Bugger, check with you local store they may be able to get you one. I will see if our local has any and check out postage to if you like and send it to you.
  5. Only thing is posting it would kill the price.
  6. look it up would appreciate that, let me know, it might still be cheaper!
  7. What the point of universal, you cant use a front stand without the rear?
  8. I have one. Great for here and there usage.
    Was just a biatch lifting off all the boxes at aldi to find one that wasn't damaged/opened
  9. that way you can buy 2 and make Mr Aldi happy:D
  10. W

    Will do and let you know.
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