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aldi $10 gps mount

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by spenaroo, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. well ive been looking at options to put a gps on my bike.
    obviously a purpose built gps would be best. but i cant afford the $400+ for one.
    so when i saw the aldi gos mounts i bought one, as it made sense to me to get it and place an cheap gps in it.

    the mount is well designed, though the clamp will be a bit bulky for some as its made to fit any bar, not set sizes. though i like this as its relitivaley quick release so i can swap it to the trailly if needed.

    the case is solid with what seems to be a tough material, although i believe the clear plastic screen will be what will kill it. its a bit thicker then a usual phone case's but not by much. though i suspect the map section of a tank bag would be no better. also while it is waterproof, the cable port and zip i suspect will leak in heavy rain, the zip is of the waterproof type so should keep it all dry in all but the worst conditions

    it comes with foam spacers to make any gps fit tightly for no movement and ability to use the touch screens.and has cut outs that allow for the charger cable to be inserted into the back, threaded out the cable port.

    as for the gps, i bought the case first. so i fitted the gps to the case rather then the other way around. though it will fit almost all gps systems. the gps i chose was the garmin nuvi 2350, which i like as it has a trip plan feature. so i can save my favorite rides in there, and have a nice list. and with a gig of memory theres plenty of room for them. nice big screen too (4.3" i think), so great for a quick glance. plus i love the digital dash, i used to use it in my car as a hud display, shows me everything i wanted to know. and a new feature is that it has a program to allow you to keep track of your fuel economy.

    all up ive spent $170, that includes an ebay accesories socket to put to my battery for the charger.so ill try to update inl a week or two when ive lived with it