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Alcohol + Internet

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Kernel, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. This thread is NOT an excuse for my behavior last night.

    Has anyone had a couple, then decided to hop on facebook/forums/whatever to make a few posts? Maybe a couple that, the morning after, you regretted making? Or a couple that you still found funny?

    How many of you people are able to control their alcohol-induced internet personality? (I can if I try REALLY hard)

    Post your examples of why alcohol + internet = oil + water, here.
  2. Jesus - get your bloody bike fixed already...
  3. You guys have no sense of humor...
    Bike is getting work started on it on Tuesday, if it was being fixed in my garage I be out riding right now.
  4. we have a sense of humor, your just not funny

    i think your accident has twisted a few things upstairs mate
  5. no, i'm equally abrasive while intoxicated, though i'm less likely to sugarcoat things
  6. mods please delete this thread
  7. Kernel, please engage brain before posting. Take up knitting or something if you need to do something with your hands.
  8. What only 8 replies..

    Fark, everyone get drunk NOW

    see yas soon!
  9. lol maybe this thread will fire up at 12 am when everyone is as pissed as a maggot
  10. As a matter of fact, I've got one now. [skinfull.]
  11. Very funny mate, very funny indeed.
  12. I love drunk posting, always seems much more liberal speaking your mind and not giving a flying **** whether it is PC or if the mods would chuck a fit over something trivial.
  13. Sometimes I despair of Netrider. Someone sys soemthing that others take offence at and suddently it's a shit fight.

    But you know, sometimes someone comes along and says something that makes it all worthwhile.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you Cam. Your words are a true inspiration and I am heading to the fridge now.
  14. At work at the moment dammit, but if I wan't I would be drunk posting on netrider!
  15. haha... tooo many times. Internet and alcohol just do not mix
  16. Two of natures true philosophers, Cam & GreyBM ;)
  17. Its been to long since I have posted pissed. Have been out of range of a computer the last few weekends when smashed.