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Alcohol free for a month

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by middo, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. I've decided to give up alcohol for February. I joined Febfast, as a fundraising measure while being dry. I also convinced the missus to give it a go. 6 days in and Saturday and Sunday arvo were difficult but achievable.

    If anyone feels like sponsoring me, my page is at:


    My intention is to give the liver a rest, and prove to myself I can do it.

  2. are you an Alcoholic?
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    Not for the past 6 days at least...
  4. Well he does live in Geraldton :D.
  5. OK I just googled where it was, damn middle of nowhere
  6. No, not an alcoholic. They go to meetings. I'm just a drunk.

    But seriously, I wouldn't go through too many days without having a few beers, or most of a bottle of wine. Each week, I would probably only have a night off when I was driving somewhere late or having to be somewhere. I think the climate affects my drinking. Over summer I drink more, it is really easy to have a beer at five, which becomes 3 or 4 during the evening.

    I guess I want to be a better role model for my kids, the oldest one is nearly 18 and I want him to know you can have fun without drinking. And it is a challenge. I sanded the floor boards of a bedroom and gave it a coat of varnish tonight, and I really wanted a beer afterwards to ease the aches. But six days, no drinks!
  7. I had my last drink 9667 days ago.
  8. Bugger. I thought someone was giving away free alcohol for the month of February...
    As you were...
  9. Well done, I say. I signed up for Hello Sunday Morning in Jan which means three months without grog! The idea is to promote a healthier drinking culture for Australia but i really chose to do it to get my drinking under control. So far so good, weekends bit hard but ginger beer is a fine substitute if you ask me.

    Gotta say though: that first beer come april is going to taste freakin' awesome!
  10. I don't want to piss on your parade (I think giving yourself a break is a good thing), but even if you only have a jar or two, the best thing you can do, if you drink frequently and want to avoid alcohol related brain damage, is to have at least 2 days off the booze every week. Your brain needs this time to recover.

    The association of doctors with an interest in liver health say that this is much better for the liver too, rather than taking a month off the sauce.
  11. I'm dieting at the moment, and off the booze for that reason. It's nice to know I control it rather than vice versa: to know I enjoy it but don't need it.

    (Nearly took a job in Brunei that would have involved 6 dry *years* - had to skip it for other reasons, but I'd have done it)
  12. That's 26 and a bit years!
  13. I have already read about the two days off a week thing, but I have also read that the liver needs a significant break, and that overall levels matter as well. As usual, it is a complicated story. I have also read that some of the research on read wine being good for you was actually falsified. These reports are from Newscientist magazine, so fairly reputable.

    For me, I wanted to show myself that it is not a crutch and I can function normally without it, even when a day goes bad, as happens from time to time. As a teacher, there is a bit of a culture of finishing early and drinking from 3.30 on a Friday. There is also a bit of de-briefing over a beer that I want to still do, but without the beer. Alcohol is also ridiculously common in Geraldton. Everything you go to has alcohol available, so it is a challenge to the culture of having a couple.
  14. Good for you for doing something you believe will benefit not just yourself but those who look up to you..
  15. Yep, last drink 19th August 1985. 26 and a bit years of freedom.
  16. My wife has been hassling me to do this. _sigh_

    Apparently a bottle of wine a day is a bad thing.
  17. Probably worth giving it a go, just to know you can.

    If the Mrs is suggesting it, that's a pretty broad hint to me: not that it's out of control, but that she's worried it might get there.
  18. Im doing Febuhairy. Too lazy to shave. I havent decided if it needs a cause yet.
  19. I guess it's tough when its such a part of the way of life in the place your living. I can appreciate your desire to tackle it as a habit. More power and best of luck to you. You'll have to keep us updated. :)
  20. is this the new troll thread lol