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alcohol consumption down

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by russ, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. nay to the naysayers....


  2. i betcha goon sales have gone up :LOL:
  3. I'd be interested to see if ecstasy sales have increased over this time period, since the government actually made it cheaper to have a night out on the pills than to drink alcopops.
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  5. Bet my left testicle sales of marijuana have gone up, too.

    Good work, Labor government! Ya fukken idjits.
  6. Yes, ready to drink premixed drink sales went down.

    Sales of these went up, ALOT.


    Not just being a smartarse, the amount of people just carrying their own spirits in flasks and mixing them to coke or whatever in clubs/pubs has gone up massively since the legislation came in and its almost always gals with them, not guys. Makes alot of sense since its girls who primarily drink premixed.
  7. Problem with this article is that although it claims young people drank less it doesn't define whether this means they engaged in less binge-drinking - or simply gave up having 1 or 2 cans each night so they could save their money for a big session on the weekend.
  8. +1, given 1 eccy = 3 cruisers.... ($30 on the street, last time I looked...)

    Guess which lasts longer.... :roll:

    And where I work, locally there has been a sharp increase in "premium" beers - keep in mind an $18 six-pack of decent quality beer has the same kick as a $25 six of jimmies, or a $19 six of cougars.

    Also, storewise, gross income week-to-week is slightly better to last year. People are rediscovering wine, as well. 7 standards in a dry bottle, 6 standards in a sweet bottle, prices between $6 and $11, compared to 8.4 standards in a 6 of Carlton. ($14.50)

    To look on a dollar by dollar basis, 36-42 standard drinks in a 4L cask of Stanley($12.99), and 20 standards in a bottle of spirits ($30, on a moderate special) tends to "show" the "government workz", however $0.36 or $0.66 a standard drink fades in comparison to $2.26 for a standard drink in Cougar premix.

    I imagine if the wine industry gets targeted, you can definitely imagine that stills and home brew will make a comeback. If people want socially acceptable outlet from the everyday bullshit, they will get it. Whether the government gets a slice or not is irrellevent.

    People are becoming economical, not less alcoholic.
  9. And to put towards the claim that it's "for the children", funnily enough, the demographic has not changed, in my experience (even in a moderate to low-moderate socio-econimic area next to a train/rat station)

    It's twenty to fourty somethings, largely. the station rats buy goon, and the good little kiddies get mum or strangers to buy it for them.
  10. Alcopop tax has failed, because teenagers dont drink for taste, they drink for effect - Goon, straight spirits, beer, everything has the same effect.