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alcohol breath test

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by livingstonest, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. i absolutely agree with random breath testing. makes me feel safer on the road with them.

    many weeks ago i was out with friends had a few drinks, definitely under, then went to eat and on the way home they had a RBT unit, they pulled me over. i was confident i was under, she breath tested me and stared at the breathaliser for what seemed ages. then she said you can go.
    thanks officer, you seemed to be looking at the breathaliser for along time can i ask what the reading was?
    and her response. "no, we can't tell you that. on yer way"

    hmmm, why not? wouldn't you like to know what your reading was? i mean if it was close to the limit then the next time i'd make sure i drink less is what was going through my mind

    am i missing something?
  2. I was stopped a couple of days ago and the police were using an entirely different device than the one with the plastic tube. Perhaps if you were tested with one of the new devices, the police were still becoming familar with it and being careful not to make a mistaken reading.....?
  3. I think they are legally not allowed to tell you.
  4. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Did you really have to get me started on the cops again? :p

    Nah thats a really good point... Surely you have the right to know what reading youve produced?? Did you ask why exactly??
  5. Was that the one you count into? id never seen those before till i came to nsw... "Sir can you please count slowly to ten" Didnt know what was going on!
  6. Why, can't you count to ten??? :p
    (Just kidding, mate, but yeah, that sort, I've never seen one before.)
  7. i can only hazzard a guess that the road side tests are so innnaccurate that they were wondering if it was worth the trip to take you back (home) to do an "accurate test"... and by the time you got your interview and free straw you would not only be point zero, but asking where the nearest bar is to get someone without a handlebar moustache to talk to you anyways... that makes sense... right?!?
  8. I've asked a number of times and always get told 'No, i'm sorry i can't tell you that.' The best explanation that i was given is that the handheld meters - whilst being more accurate than the $130 Dick Smith meters, are still not entirely accurate...

    Also, by telling a driver who's 'had a few' that he could have gotten away with twice as many; it's going against the image their trying to present.
  9. I think it would create to many problems then what its worth.

    Lets say you've had three, go 15 minutes later and blow 0.045 and go home with no problem and they tell you you were 0.045, the next day you go down the club, have three again, but you've had less to eat today so you blow 0.05 and get done for DUI, it can lead to arguements of "I was fine yesterday with the same amount of drinks" etc.
  10. I dont mind the little bit of time it takes for me to be breathtested . These people need to be weeded out and educated on the dangers DD.
  11. hey that's an excellent point that i didn't think of. i thought i may have been missing something.

    originally i was thinking that if you were close then next time i'd drink less. didn't think of it the other way around where you might drink more and think you could get away with it.

    i was tested with both. i spoke into the machine 1-10, then i had to blow through the straw. i think the speaking one is faster and sees if you have any alcohol at all, then the blow one is more accurate.

    i was definitely not over as i follow the advised drinking amount set by the rta. then i had something to eat after.

    so i guess that's why they don't tell you the reading then. ....fair enough
  12. its because the new pbt,s dont actualy give a reading .... its pass of fail .... if you fail then you get to walk to the bus its self for full testing
  13. Funny, every time I've been pulled over for a breath test the cop's never had a problem with telling me what the reading is, in fact a couple of times they've actually shown me the reading without me even having to ask. Of course all these instances have occurred in rural areas so perhaps country cops are just a little different.
  14. I've always been told, in some form or another, what the reading was - although given that I don't drink, I can usually tell the cops what it is.
  15. Out of interest has it ever been above zero?
  16. A few years back, I went for a ride with my mate to Lorne. My mate had two glasses of red wine over lunch. On the way home, we got pulled over for speeding. After getting ours fines, my mate asked the copper if he could get breath tested so he'd have an idea what reading two glasses of red would produce. The copper was more than happy to breathalyse my mate.

    I doubt very much that this argument would stand up. From one day to the next, circumstances change. So saying that this happened yesterday therefore today it should be the same would be clutching at straws. There are just too many variables involved.
  17. Even non-drikers can have a reading, even though it would only be slight.

    Chewing gum and mouth wash are two things that will give a positive reading.
  18. Never. I've been shown the device plenty of times - always says 0.00 or 0.000 depending on the device.
  19. lol, well there you go.....an accurate reading each and every time :)
  20. I don't chew gum, take cough syrup or use listerine either... :p