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albury/wodonga members

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 749rob, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. I was wondering how many members are from the albury/wodonga area? Maybe a group ride when the weather gets better? :?:

  2. i wouldn't be suprised if there was people willing to travel up to one, as there is lots of decent roads up that way. Maybe an EOI thread in the planner section.
  3. Yeah maybe it's more of a idea of getting to know people around here I was thinking. It's always hard I find to plan to far ahead for rides were local riders can be organised a lot easier?
  4. I'm from Wodonga, drop me a line anytime, as I'm pretty much a slacker and have odles of spare time!!!
  5. I was from Beechworth, and lived in wodonga,

    Cant wait for summer, So many roads i want to revisit with the bike!
  6. Cobram's not to far away. we can always cruise up to Albury way.
    Keep us posted of any rides mate.
  7. organise a ride, plenty of riders from the area.
  8. There are a few of us, but the distance & working in a tourist area kind of get in the way of things at times
  9. Ok there seems to be some people interested when the weather picks up I'll post a ride date on here and send a pm to those who have replied. Time is getting closer for a run up to hotham on the MV I think? :p