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Albury/Wodonga area - information needed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by loulou72, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Hi guys and gals,

    I am working and living in the Albury/Wodonga area for approximately 12 months and have bought my GSXR 750 up with me, so I need some information about the area such as:

    * where is the best place to get my bike serviced/repaired etc ?
    * which shop is the best to buy accessories?
    * where are the best rides/roads around (day or overnight trips)
    * do any netriders/riders meet or ride regularly?
    * how are the boys in blue in the local area towards bikes?
    and any other information I might need to know.


  2. Hey Lisa. I was up there fighting the fires for the past 3 days, and we took an amazing road through the mountains. Newly sealed, lovely corners. I can't remmeber the name, but if you head towards Dederang fire station, and before you get there, take the last right hand turn, then when the road gets to a y piece, take another right. It takes your up over a mountain and through some really really nice twisties. I'd maybe wait a few weeks till the roads are clear of debris though...
  3. Warby ranges maybe?
    Heading from Dookie or some such.
    Although that might be Wangaratta.... :facepalm:
  4. Bugger man, your one unlucky dood. I couldn't imagine a worse place to want to ride a motorbike, but I guess you can persevere like myself!

    Best place to get your bike done would be either Top Tune in Lavington or Whitehouse Motorcycles, the Albury shop, not the Wodonga one. Problem with Top Tune is he is always busy and tends to forget things, like screws that hold your fairings on :shock: Otherwise he is a good hard worker with excellent prices for the quality of work he does. Whitehouse doesn't forget the small things, but if they deem your job easy, they will just palm if off on an apprentice which pretty much says what it says.

    Apart from Whitehouse, there aren't many places to buy accessories around here.

    Roads around town are generally rubbish, especially roundabouts which take a pounding from trucks and other crap. The entertaining bits are out there, including easy ride to the mountains. It really needs a good exploring.

    Don't think there is any Net Rider or even Ride meets around.

    The police here are gods gift to the community, or so they think. Honestly, I'm sure there are some good ones around, but they avoid me like a plague. The rest are power hungry, arrogant and slow. Don't expect a routine pullover to take less that 15 minutes.

    Just PM me if you want to know anything else.
  5. Are you for real? :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
    Loulou, you are close to some of the best riding roads in both Vic and NSW. Just head East and you will end up out at Tintaldra, Corryong and if you carry on a bit further Threadbo via the Alpine way. The river road I think it's called is a ball tearer. Murray valley highway is pretty bloody good too. Check out Granya gap road. Head North from Corryong to Cabramurra and Kiandra. They're all ripper roads. I'm jealous :) :)
  6. it's the murray valley hwy mate, and really on a gsxr750 it doesn't matter what the coppers are like you will be gone before they hang a u turn :wink:
  7. As zeker has already said, best of the pick these days is Whitehouse in Albury, but be prepared for a wait @ times. Or you can go to Wasons or Geoff's Auto Spares both in Wang. That's were we go 99% of the time.

    As for the cops in Albury, oh they have their moments, but they will get you for noise pollution any chance they get.

    Rides, events etc, yeah we keep saying we should organize something, but because of the tourist trade etc, every1's work hours make it a night mare.

    Accessories you will really need to shop around in Albury, Wang & even Shepp. Wagga may be an option for you or just hold off till next in Melb.
  8. Murray River Road FTW!

    +1 for Whitehouse Motorcycles in Albury. Top blokes there, the boss himself fitted a new tyre for me while I waited as I wore the old one through to the canvas while riding in the area.
  9. Sorry but I wouldn't recommend Wagga.... we head down to Albury... or Melbourne. There is only 2 shops here, depends on what you are after but not much on the road gear.

    Couple of interesting rides taking back roads between Albury and Wagga, social ride club i'm in use them a lot. you could head up around Tumba, batlow and further up the mountains.
    ... and for something a little different you could try some of the small Rallies that are around this time of the year... like the Once Bitten (Humula 13/14/15 March) or the Falling Leaf ( near Tumut ANZAC weekend)
  10. Hi Lisa

    There are so many great roads up here to try. It's a bit hard at the moment with the fires. I'm still trying to organize a ride with another new netrider who has moved here I'm glad to come along and show some roads. I'll pm you my number if you want to chat and make a time to go for a ride the other couple I'm sure want be in as well. Keep an eye out for me blue/silver MV.

    Rob :grin:
  11. Albury/Wodonga

    Luke - you should have called in and said Hi!

    Thanks for info, when the smoke clears and the rubber necks clear the burnt out areas around here I will go for a better look around.

    Hey Thommo and Macca are up here at the moment and we went for a ride to Tumut yesterday and had our first incident. A f**king cockatoo dive bombed us on the Hume and bounced off Thommo into my shoulder and left a good bruise, even through my leather jacket.

    Up side is there is 1 less cockatoo, we reckon we are good to handle anything now like roos, cows etc, lol.

  12. Albury/Wodonga

    Zeker a change is like a holidayso they say and there are worse places in the world to live/work.

    From general opinion Whitehouse in Albury seems to be the better option - so I will give them a go. It beats riding the bike down to Geelong!

    As far as accessories, I pretty much everything though I just wanted a new helmet and I happy to put some money into local businesses.

    If you want to go exploring PM me sometime.

    Maybe we can arrange something, sometime I think there are several netriders up this way.

    Thanks for the heads up on the local constabulary generally I have been successful in avoiding them and the good thing is they are genuinely suprised to see a girl riding - only time will tell.

    Thanks again Zeker.
  13. Thanks Roarin, I hope to see you guys up here some time.

  14. Great I might have an after market pipe that might be a little noisy - so time will tell.

    Thanks Charmed for the advice and if anything is ever organised I will make sure that I am available.

  15. Bluesuede - thanks for the feedback

    Wildrozes - I will keep an eye out for organised rides, are they advertised through Netrider???
  16. Stewy - you've ridden with me, I think I will just pullover and play the girl card, I have never lost any points since having a license so I am good for atleast 1 freebie.

  17. Rob - count me in on your ride and I will keep an eye out for you. Cheers Lisa
  18. My club is based in Wagga so not likely to see us around much, also not sure if there is any social bike clubs in the Albury area that are like ours (family type that caters for all bike types, ride styles etc etc) Our club has a ride to Albury next Saturday... getting things organised for our rally in March.

    One thing I didn't mention last night... Whitehouse is great, I brought my bike there 2 years ago and couldn't have been happier with service etc
  19. Hello Rob :)

    I've kept an eye out for it.

    Never seen it yet. ;-)

  20. What time are you arriving in Albury?

    Mrs G and I have a social ride on Saturday mornings to get breakfast before we start work. Yum

    We came across a couple of Wagga-ites (judging from the number plate surrounds on one Harley) last Saturday at our favourite breakfast eatery...but otherwise, if there are any motorcycles in Albury-Wodonga, we seldom see them. ;-)

    A little light social activity in the area would be good. Mind you, since I am just getting Mrs G up to speed on her new/first bike any hard and fast sport bike riding is out of our range. ;-)


    Trevor G