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Albury to Wagga without a highway.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by bangalla, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. I spent a weekend catching up with friends in Wagga so took the opportunity to go for a zip on the Duc.

    The Olympic way, from Albury to Wagga, is a boring road with too many trucks, highway patrol cars and Sunday drivers, thankfully in this part of the world there's no shortage of alternative routes between any two places.

    Avoiding the highway altogether means that you end up going through a few small towns, but the highway isn't immune to that anyway so it's no added inconvenience. The surface is fairly good for a country road, there are rough patches in places but thankfully they are all on the straights rather than mid corner.

    The route I chose was Albury, Jindera, Walla Walla, Culcairn, Morvern, Cookardinia, Mangoplah, Wagga Wagga. There are two roads between Walla Walla and Culcairn, I prefer the one straight out of Walla (don't turn right after the 100 sign) it's 1km further but has less traffic and more bends. This route is only 10km longer than the highway route but the road is much more open, with better visibility and more opportunities for passing.

    The road between Mangoplah and Morvern has a lot of fast sweepers that will put a grin on your face and are easily handled at speed. This is also very pretty countryside so it's nice for a tour too.

    The highway patrol are known to cruise between Wagga and Mangoplah, but certainly with less frequency than along the Olympic Way. By all reports he's a 'by the book' sort of bloke so don't expect any leniency.

    Overall this route won't save you much time but I find it a much more enjoyable drive, especially when you take the reduced traffic into account.

  2. Thats sounds like a good ride Dave. I have been looking for some good riding roads heading out that way. Been doing too much riding to the east :p
  3. Not that there's anything wrong with that :grin:

    There's a lot of long straight roads around here, the back way to Wagga is a nice change. The stuff out east is where the fun lies though, I can't wait for the weather to become more predictable.
  4. Nice work mate, i caged it out to Wagga from Canberra (with the missus) last Friday night.
    The Hume would be damn boring on the bike. I was thinking as i was driving, about all the different routes i could take on the bike :grin:
  5. The only 'fun' way to get from Albury to Canberra is via Kosciuszko National Park. From here that means going up via Corryong, from Wagga you could go through Tumut and go into the Park that way.

    This adds about 100km to the trip versus the Hume Hwy from either start point.


    Alternatively, you could take the back road from Tumut to Yass.