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Albury to Melbourne - Route plan ideas???

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by 99CIBBER, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Ok guys and gals, I thought I'd throw this one out to VIC Netriders for help. I'm travelling down to Melbourne soon and need some advice on the best motorcycling roads between Albury and Melbourne. Note I will need to be at the Spirit of Tassie terminal in the evening so say a good 8-9 hours of riding would be the order of the day, It's 561kms via the Hume which I want to avoid, so if you could offer up some advice that would be much appreciated. Also I need to be kind to the Cibber so no unsealed roads..Cheers and Thanks in advance!

  2. Actually ogden, thats a pretty good route. I know the roads up at the Albury end, and that is what i would suggest. Whether someone can suggest something different down the Melbourne end, who knows?

    It should make a good warm-up ride for Tassie.
  3. the only road between beechworth and whitfield is dirt, you have to pretty much go to oxley then moyhu to stay on Tar.

    link to street view
  4. the run up tobeach worth is ok, and there is a fairly good set of sweepers on the way out of beachworth, But I'd go the highway to oxley, and do a few runs over the whitfield-mansfield pass.
  5. Surely not the Hume Hwy? Wodonga-Beechworth and Beechworth-Wangaratta Road to Everton and across to Milawa and Oxley are pleasant enough.

    OP, you simply MUST do the Whitfield to Mansfield road, even though the stretch from Oxley to Whitfield is a bit tedious. But don't speed anywhere on the Maroondah Hwy, it's crawling with popo. Merton, Yarck and Black Spur in particular. Saw at least a dozen patrol cars on the way back from Buller last Monday.
  6. yes it's all sealed, althought all roads are blocked in that area too bikes during winter (as you require chains, most of the time atm)
  7. Thought that would be the case, my trip is planned for Spring, so is it best to check with Vic roads about road closures?
  8. The requirement to carry chains on the GAR is usually lifted by October: if you check on the Mt Hotham Snow Report it lists road conditions half-way down the page.

    Dinner Plain is about 11km before Hotham, and is a good spot to stop for a coffee break. Don't expect anything to be open in Hotham once the ski season finishes!
  9. Thanks Heli!, good to know in advance!
  10. I'd run down to oxley from donga because of the time savings. I'd rather go over the pass a couple of more times, then do the beachworth loop.

    Watch out for Black wallabies, and wombats at the pass though!