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Albury-Jindabyne-Bonang-Orbost-Omeo-Mitta-Albury loop

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by dnardy, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. Hey all,
    Myself and 2 mates are doing this loop over 2 days, leaving 29th December:

    I'm wondering if the good people of Netrider who are familiar with these roads could help me with a couple of queries? Sorry if there's a similar thread, I had a look and didn't see anything.

    1. Better riding going clockwise or anti-clockwise?
    2. Dirt doesn't worry me, but one of the boys is on a VTR250. Is there a route between Jindabyne and Bonang with little to no dirt? (Street view on my map has a fair bit)
    3. Good camping spots along the way? (Preferably walking distance to a pub?)

    and lastly

    4. We are going smack bang in the middle of the holidays, are these roads going to be crawling with caravanners and busy as hell?

    We know it's not an ideal time to be going, but hell, if we wait for another time that suits us all it'll never happen. I need to ride the Bonang so I can stop thinking about it.

  2. The Snowy River Way from Jindabyne through Dalgety to the Monaro Hwy appears on Streetview as dirt, but it is actually sealed all the way.
    There is still little bit of dirt on the Bonang (around 13km IIRC?) but is usually in pretty good shape and manageable on just about any bike.

    As far as which direction, I would just try and work it out so you do the long, remote and twisty sections earlier in the day rather than late afternoon.
    (wildlife, fatigue etc.)
    Not many caravaners will attempt the Bonang but quite a few on the Great Alpine Road.

    It sounds like a great ride! :D

    Oh, and there's riverside camping at Anglers Rest, across the road from the Blue Duck Inn.
    Might be busy that time of year.
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  3. The only flaw with your plan is once you've done the Omeo Hwy you'll want to turn around and do it again (y) lucky its on your doorstep, great trip, have fun
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    In line with Titus point on leaving the major twisties for earlier in the day I would do it anti clockwise leaving the Mitta Mitta for the morning of the first day and the Bonang for the morning of the second day. You can camp at Cape Conran which is only about 100metres from the beach and a reasonably quick run from Orbost.

    The Marlo pub is about a 10 minute ride, alternatively you can camp at Marlo and walk to the pub. The camping is a bit more formal and thus more crowded.
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  5. Thanks guys, all great info.
    Good to know re Snowy River Way, that's the dirt I was referring to. The couple of sections on the Bonang I've heard are good hard packed stuff. As for Anglers rest, depending on direction, I think it will be either too close or too far for the first night. I've actually camped there over New Year's before, and yep, it's packed.

    This was my plan, to camp around Orbost somewhere. One of my travelling companions reckon's it will be too busy. Suck it & see I spose.
  6. That is an awesome loop. All those roads are good. I'd take the Murray River Road instead of the Murray Valley Highway, but that's just personal preference. They're both good, and they're both on our doorstep.
    The Bonang dirt is practically a freeway when dry, but will be slippery if wet. It's easy on road bikes, I did it on a Ninja 250 once.
    Have fun!
  7. Yeah mate agree with that actually.
  8. You could do half and half, crossing at Granya gap... You have some tough choices to make. lol.
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  9. Agree with Piss. Do the Granya Gap and cross over.
  10. The Snowy River Way from Jindabyne to Dalgety is a delightful road, only spoiled by the pig-ugly wind turbines on the hill tops...
  11. Marlo is busy at Xmas. Book a camp site.
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  12. Did the Bonang 6 weeks ago and it was in average condition. Loose,mounded dirt with alot of corrugations on the bends. There had been a recent deluge of rain so that spiced it up a little more. Best to go down the Bonang into Orbost IMO
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  13. I did the Bonang Hwy on 18/12/15 as part of a ride from Sydney to Melbourne. There was a sign on the NSW side saying "Gravel Road Next 7km" but it wasn't true ... there was maybe 1km on that side. South of the border, there was about 13km unsealed and as hammy22 mentioned it was very corrugated and slow going in parts (I'm on a R1200R with Michelin road tyres). Still, given the ride from Bombala to Orbost is about 170km total, it's worth putting up with that crappy section because overall the ride is spectacular! I say about four other vehicles the whole way.
  14. I did the bonang on the 24th.For me it was dissapointing and no where near my favourite road of the trip. The first 20 km's or so on the victorian end is just blind corner after blind corner, tedious for such a long stretch. The longer gravel was actually more fun and from the NSW end to Bonang was the better bit for me.

    I preferred the Cann river road from last time I went that way.
  15. Those corners are part of the appeal for me.
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  16. I have struck blokes towing tinnys on The Alpine Way, fishing I expect. Take care of your license, they lurk both sides of the border this time of year
  17. Did the trip guys, was awesome. Heaps less traffic than expected aside from oncoming Khancoban -Jindabyne and bugger all cops.Thanks for the advice, Bonang is awesome.
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  18. And by the way, put In a decent day on the first day and ended up at the Little River Inn at Ensay for the night. Nice old pub, rolled the swags out out the back for $7. Good meals, not many people there, only travellers. Get the distinct impression (well, he wasn't shy about telling us) that the publican and locals don't see eye to eye.
  19. It is one of my favourites, except the fcuken 13km dirt section when it's wet on a 320kg bike!

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