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Alas the death of grammar

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. Here's your classic example of the media's inability of structure English correctly. From News.com.au's main page,

    Australians hurt in chairlift fall

    9:56am: TWO Australians have been injured in a chairlift accident at a Swiss ski resort, which has left one person dead and several other people injured.

    So the Swiss Ski Resort has left one person dead and several other people injured, has it???

    So let's have it as it SHOULD be;

    9:56am: TWO Australians have been injured in a chairlift accident, which has left one person dead and several other people injured, at a Swiss ski resort.

    No harder to write, just requires a basic education in English and the proper placement of nouns and verbs..... simple, innit??? :LOL:
  2. You've got it all wrong too Hornet.
    "2 Australian's has been injured in an chairlift accident what has left one of them dead and several others injured at a Swiss Ski resorts."
  3. Either of the two are correct, but the original is horribly wrong. Constantly repeating a grammatical error does not make it magically become right.
  4. I concur JD :LOL:
  5. My complaint is with the separation of the subject, (the Australians, the injured) from the active agent of the tragedy, (the chair-lift). The chairlift is the active agent in the death and injury, not the ski resort. My restructuring of the sentence and jd's both remove this error, and the choice of which one would use is purely a personal one.
  6. Dependant largely on whether or not you like to wear flannel :LOL:.
  7. If I could get up out of my chair, I'd belt you for that :LOL:.
  8. should be, "I'd belt you for that, if I could get up off my chair".

    Up & Out? I don't know about you, but my chair isn't an enclosed device requiring me to get in. :)
  9. 1 death and 2 injuries!

    ... not so neutral now, are ya Switzerland?!!
  10. ....let alone asking one them to describe and/or demonstate an example of an infinitive verb, a past participle or tenses in thier simple, progressive, perfect or perfect progressive forms. :LOL:

    (sorry, couldn't help being a know-it-all! :p )
  11. and my space bar works.
  12. R

    What, did Pacman eat your comma?
  13. May have been "What? Did Pacman eat your comma?"

    This example is in need of the classic double question mark! :rofl:
  14. :rofl:

    gotta love these debates!

    brings out the very best in spelling etc.
  15. Split infinitives, anyone?

    (And some popcorn too, please.)
  16. Ah my granmas been deaded for ages.
  17. I'm finding it hard to take this seriously, as the thread topic is missing at least a coma!


  18. I ain't never understood why people gets so upset about proper grammar and stuff.

    My gawd, it hurt just typing that! :shock:
  19. :LOL: