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alarming problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ibast, May 22, 2006.

  1. I picked up the new (second hand) bike on Saturday evening and rode it home.

    It has an aftermarket alarm fitted and so I pressed "On". It beeped and I walked away.

    Then the alarm stared going off. Repeat. Same problem.

    Ok press"Off". Walk away. about 2 minutes later it starts going off again. Repeat a couple of times including trying the other buttons. Ring the old owner. He's never used it, as it was installed be the previous owner and he lived in the scrub.

    I tried starting the bike and as a result it stopped.

    So I'm stumped.

    It doesn't have a brand on the key ring.

    4 buttons:

    funny thing was, the next day I had the back seat off for something else, but forgot to look at the brand on the alarm

    Does anyone have a similar alarm?
  2. What was the bike?
  3. 95 gsx-r1100

    The alarm is aftermarket
  4. ring the person you bought it from?
  6. To me it sounds like one of those ebay cheapies... and generally theres nothing wrong with them. If you can google/ebay around until you find the picture of the alarm fob then that might help you find a manual.
  7. Yep.....ring the guys u purchased the bike from.
  8. But he said the guy who sold him the bike did not use the alarm and could not help. :? :?
  9. I wonder if there is an immobiliser included with the alarm and whether that has been activated, thus preventing the bike from starting.
    Do you ever get two beeps?
  10. I'm not sure whether the bike didn't start because it was imobilised or because I didn't have it in neutral. I was a bit flustered, because I was starting to think this alarm would be going off all night.

    For the same reason, I can't remember how many beeps I got.

    I will muck around with it again next weekend.


    good tip about the ebay alarms. I will have a look around

    Thanks guys
  11. Where abouts in Sydney are you?
  12. Live liverpool way.

    Work North ryde

    Also, I had the seat off again last night and couldn't find any manufacturers marks