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Alarming News

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, May 1, 2008.

  1. Oh c'mon, ya have to give me credit for getting you to click on the link ;)

    Netrider is pleased to announce a new store product.

    The Ignitor Motorcycle Alarm:

    The Ignitor Motorbike alarm connects to your motorcycle using only 2 wires.

    The Ignitor's positive wire connects to battery(+).
    The Ignitor's trace wire connects to a 'suitable lamp circuit',
    which is simply the positive wire of a tail lamp, rego plate lamp, headlamp etc.

    Shipping is included in the low price of $214.50

    **However, a special price of $199 Delivered applies to members only**

    I have one installed on my K1200R and the hardest part of the installation is getting all the plastics off the K to run teh battery wire.
    Other than that, simple to install, no key fobs to scratch your nipple clamps ;)
    It is programable so you can have the arming delay set up to suit your needs.
    It is typically set to 30 seconds but for us old farts with panniers.....I had mine programed to 60 seconds.

    It is easily disabled (for servicing, washing etc) by turning the key off twice. It doesn't get simpler than that.

    Those that would like one and are Netrider members, please email us your purchase request with your membership details, we will then email you back a promotion code to use in order to obtain a members only price.

    By spending $10 on a membership, you get to save $15.50.
    That puts you ahead $5.50 which you can then use to buy me a coffee.
    Latte with one thanks. ;)
  2. With a name like that, it should be part of Ktulu's Motocycle Accessories... :LOL:

    So it only activates if someone turns the bike on, or it arms if there is no current on the signal wire? Tilt sensor and shock sensor? How sensitive?
  3. Seeing Vic hasn't popped up to answer the questions yet I did a quick Google and found this site.


    Works on movement sensors by the look of things

  4. :rofl:
  5. Yeah sorry. Bloody work getting in the way of me answering your question :p
  6. I've had one on my bike for a couple of months and think it's great!

    Turn off the bike and the alarm becomes active shortly thereafter. If someone goes to move it or jumps aboard, it chirps loudly and briefly in warning. Do it again or not get off quick enough, and it shrills away very loudly for around 30secs. Just enough to let the opportunistic thief or mischievous kid/tourist know to back the f&^k away!

    Packaging and instructions are good, and the alarm is held securely with a u-shaped bracket that you can use to simply attach it to your bike. My wiring was a little troublesome due to the CAN-bus wiring on my BMW and me having to locate a suitable for wire for use with the alarm. But James from Ignitoralarms was most helpful and after swapping a few emails I was good to go.

    I LOVE not having a key fob or other annoying activator/switch to worry about to engage or disengage the alarm, and that it 'just works' without me forgetting to engage it etc.

    Well worth the $200 spend!
  7. Just ordered it at the special Knockdown price of $199.00 delivered..

    Can't wait to get Titania protected from the murky hands of all those desperados waiting to abduct her.....

    OK - so she is 5 years old and needing a good clean but she is my pride & joy. If I had to miss a day without riding her I would need to go back to hitting the wife & kids for stress relief... lol

    Thanks netrider
  8. is the offer selling the new version alarm? the one that now sucks less power?

    Im guessing the ease of installation, it could easily be taken out and put in a another bike if i upgrade?
  9. How's it go compared to other brands of alarms? Anyone got a comparison?

    Sounds like a good system and the price is right.
  10. not having any experience with other alarms, if they could bypass the ignition adn turn on the bike then the alarm could be swtiched off. but then again if they really wanted to steal your bike, say goodbye! insurance is for that. this really is a deterant like all alarms, disc locks, chains, covers, sliding your bike & adding speed scratches, etc