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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by grue, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. After getting my CBR600F4i ripped off yesterday, once I get a replacement I'm gonna be a bit paranoid. Immobilizers obviously don't stop dudes with trucks/vans, so I'm gonna chain it up pretty hardcore and make it physically difficult to take, but I'd like something that'll make a lot of noise if someone tries, AND ideally a nice blinking LED to make it clear that the bike is more secure.


  2. hey mate do you live in a house or apartment? ...do you own or rent? I ask this in regards to doing something that I will be doing in a few weeks. (it's been a long time coming) I'll be cementing either a d shackle or a chain into the side of my carport area's concrete floor so as to avoid simply having a chain around a pole etc.....and i'm doing this even tho I sleep with my windows open maybe 8 feet from my bike lol
  3. Something with a perimeter alarm would be the go, you could look at a Scorpio alarm for that...to my knowledge they also have a paging remote so if somebody tampers with your bike you can hopefully catch them in the act and issue some devine retribution
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  4. I'm in an apartment but I'm on the ground floor. I'm going to be sinking an anchor outside of my window, if the landlord doesn't object (and he's pretty cool, I think he'll give his blessing).
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  5. Sweet, thanks :)
  6. What are you getting next mate?
  7. Rocking chair.....



    ::End of line
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  8. Not sure yet. Not even 100% sure it'll be another bike, although it's unlikely it wouldn't be. Whatever it is, it'll be similar to the f4i, I imagine.
  9. Don't know if there still around but there used to be a big D shackle that had an movement sensor and alarm attached.Not keen on built in alarms,been problematic on cars that had them,smaller bike battery would be worse to me.Now maybe if the Government bought in CASTRATION as a penalty for bike stealing,that might work.
  10. Not likely, since the police don't care. They're too busy hiding on the GOR and Black Spur making money for the State.