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Alarm: Scorpio SRI500swb

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by mr_messy, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Just bought myself an alarm for the bike.
    It's a Scorpio sri500swb
    It retails for $566 + $140 for a spare pager + $35 for factory loom.

    I'm quite happy with the system. Maybe its the peace of mind I get with having an alarm.

    Apart from taking the fairings off ( was over cautious cos bike was only a few weeks old) it was a pretty much straight foward install. Provided that you buy the factory loom for your bike, otherwise you'd looking for wires, you'd be cutting wires, soldering etc...

    The standard pack includes the normal stuff as well as a motion sensor, which was what got my interest.
    It activates a warning chirp if someone approaches it. It activates if they do not move away. I have the sensitivity on default which starts chriping if you happen to be within one foot(ish) of the bike.

    If the alarm is triggered, by someone bumping it, tiping it turning the ignition on, it triggers the pager which will ring and vibrate and light up.
    The pager and alarm have a range of upto 800 metres and works through walls n stuff.
    It's compact. The unit is not much bigger than a pack of smokes. The siren is also intergrated with the alarm. Not sure if all bike alarms are like that but if your tight on space, and that's most bikes, not having a seperate siren is a plus.
    Another particular thing about it that I like was that the pager can be recharged. A good idea. I've known people with Scorpio car alarms complain about the pagers going through aaa batteries approximately every month.

    The bad things;
    Whilst the pager is the size of two thumbs, so not overly large, it's a pain having some more bulk in my pocket.
    Attatching it with keys means the screen could easily get damage from the scratches.
    The other bad thing, well I had to pay for it.

    As I said I'm quite happy with having it, however I still shackle it to my, sort of dead bike and I also lock it up in the garage.

    P.s when hooking it up, make sure the siren is not to close to your ear. Once there is power going to it, it will chirp a couple of times. I was sitting on a milk crate and it was just below my face. Quite loud.