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Alarm Disc Lock

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by conspiracytheorist, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. Don't shoot me if this has been dealt with as I had a look with search, but couldn't find what I was looking for.

    Went to freedom motorcycles in brooky today and had a look at 2 disc locks. One for 60 one for 99, the more expensive one being stainless steel, ie not cuttable.

    I only have a little zzr250 but I want some peace of mind so I want something that will go off if someone sits on the bike. But tried these disc locks and they only go off if the bike wheel moves.

    First off is $99 a good price? Also, does anyone know of disc locks that are sensitive enough to respond to someone sitting on the bike?

    The lady assured me there was no such disclock alarm, but she's trying to sell me this one so not convinced. Regarding standalone alarms she said they're a waste as they just kill the battery and require constant battery replacing because of it.

    Feel free to say anything else useful about disclock alarms that I haven't thought of.

  2. My Xena lock will trigger if the bike moves (some goes to sit on it). Its at its most sensitive if I place it at the lower section of the disc. The tyre just needs a simple tap and it will sound.

    Having said all this, the timeout is less than a minute and its not THAT loud.

    Search this forum for Xena and you should find more info.

  3. To be honest, the disc lock is pretty useless.. It doesn't stop 2 macho guys to lift your bike up and put at the back of the truck and drive off...

    I bought one anyway.. I think it's like $70 or something..hardly use it..
    Just make sure you have insurance cover for theft.
  4. yeah, i was rather keen to find out as well... city west yamaha in werribee had a decent one got about the same prices... the difference was the bar was a little thicker on the 99 one. the brand names escape me

    I'm not a fan of people sitting on my bike either, so i'd be keen to see what people suggest
  5. Make sure if you get a disc lock that it has a reminder strap that connects onto your bars so you dont go riding off with it still attached :wink:
  6. I disagree. The lock is far from useless.
    Sure a couple of big blokes could pick it up, but if your bike is locked to a ground anchor then someone could just cut the chain couldnt they? Point is no security is 100%, its idea is just to make your bike less attractive to those opportunistic thieves out there.

    You can get around this by just having a lock with an alarm, it will go off before you get the chance to ride away.
  7. Disc locks are brilliant
    had my bike sat on at pink ribbon ride
    (wont say more)

    now have an alarm wheel lock
    and it has stopped a lot from touching my bike now :grin:

    only prob is turning it off (LOUD)
    BUT i have that down pat now :)
  8. My xena alarmed lock was about $70 from bikemart in ringwood.
  9. XENA also do a chain version. The disk lock slides in to an adapter which has two pins to lock onto a heavy duty chain.
    I had a demo around a month ago, and was very impressed.
    Price's rrp from $120 up to $265 for the top of the range version.

    On another note, they also make some real smart wireless garage alarms.
  10. G'day everyone,......

    I bought a Xena Disc lock Alarm last week,...110db.
    Its peircing alright.
    I was going to ask what people think of Disc Locks as security,....
    How effective you all think thay are?

    Dr Who?
  11. I have a Xena alarm, and it is most useful for keeping the kids off my bike!..
    With the one minute timeout, I don't expect it would deter a professional thief, that is what I have insurance for.

    It is small enough to take with you, but I don't leave my bike where I can't see it.

    If a hardened pro wants my bike - they will take it.
    More worried about the Blown FJ parked next to it!