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Alarm and remote start DIY - Help needed!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by DarkHorse, May 13, 2009.

  1. Hey all,
    I'm attempting a DIY/Tightar$e cheap install of an alarm on a 2000 model GSXR750. The alarm is one of the super-cheap jobbies off eBay, and has a remote start feature which I'd like to hook up just for sh1ts and giggles. I have connected the alarm and everything seems to be working fine, however I can't get a wiring diagram that matches the colours of the wiring loom coming off the ignition barrel for the remote start. The Engrish instructions that came with the cheap alarm say I need to cut the "Engine Off" wire and wire the unit into that.

    Here is the ignition loom pulled out, as you can see lots of orange and a few different tracers. Then there's thicker red wire 12V+ (? :shock: ), there is a black/white (12V-) and I'm guessing the thicker orange (hanging seperate to the main loom) is the feed from the ignition back to the ECU, but couldn't get continuity so not sure:


    I tried a couple of the wires that the service manual I have and a scanned diagram I downloaded suggested, but when I hit the remote start button nothing happened except that the 12V+ wire coming from the alarm unit (connected to the thick red in the loom) got hot enough to start melting it's insulation. To make matters more confusing some wires change colour/tracer each side of a connector, which is making them hard to ID!

    Here is the wiring diag, which is actually for a 98-on 600, so the older SRADs, but I was hoping the wiring would stay vaguely consistent:


    And here is the manual page regarding the starting system:

    Has anyone done this on a similar Zook, or can suggest a simple way to diagnose the wire I'm looking for? I'm not discounting that there is a problem with the cheap crappy alarm unit, and if I can't get the remote start working I'm not going to be hugely upset - the alarm is working OK so far and it's plenty loud enough to serve it's purpose!

    Any help greatly appreciated!
  2. ...And supplementary dipsh1t questions:

    Am I right in getting the 12V+ from the ignition wire, or is that what is causing the heat when the unit tries to start the bike - too much current? And am I robbing current from my starter? Should I just run a wire directly to the battery to get my +, or is what I've done OK? The reason I ask is that the bike was very reluctant to start thismorning for no apparent reason. It wasn't particularly cold, I've never had starting problems before that couldn't be fixed by charging the battery. Then tonight it started fine,, so not sure. May just have been from fiddling with it for a while last night?

    There are 2 black wires on the unit - 1 coming out with the other wires and one coming out before the connector. Why would it need 2 seperate neg/grounds?

    Appreciate any insight!
  3. I would say that if you are melting insulation you might have a short. Not much else would result in enough current to melt the plastic quickly. I will have another skim through your post and see if I can help... (doutbful). It might help if you post the instructions from the alarm and also a picture of the alarm unit?


    Edit: Maybe I just don't get it? The only way I can think that it might work is if the "remote start" feature of the alarm system _replaces_ the ignition switch? Otherwise how will they get away with the fact that you don't have a key in the ignition and the ignition isn't turned to on?
  4. Mate, i tried one of those tight ass set up and they are completly useless. id throw it away... For $250 you can get a mongoose MCA500 alarm fully installed with remote start. Also for an extra $100 you can have a paging unit as well.

    I put one on the TL and no problems at all. I first tried the tight ass set up and after buying the alarm for $100 all the wires were completley different.

    If you want PM me with your number and i will buzz you and give you the details of who i used to do the alarm. They are also recommended by Mongoose as well. type in the below link for details


  5. Hey guys, thanks for the responses.

    I'm trying to get the scanner working so I can post the instructions - even if they don't provide any useful information (highly likely) they are hilarious and should provide a laugh:


    My favourite bits:
    Heading - Urers' Guide...
    Disarm Key while driving - The Motor will be Flarneout, the transmitter will not be controlled in three seconds
    Wiring diagram - one of the wires is labeled "Prink"
    Warnings - The remote controller is making sophisticated please do not shock it and avoid water

    Give you an idea?

    This is the alarm, bought from http://cgi.ebay.com.au/THOR-Motorcycle-Alarm-Remote-Strt-Stop-Shock-sensor-ATV_W0QQitemZ280343602396QQcmdZViewItemQQptZAU_Motorcycle_Parts_Accessories?hash=item280343602396&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66%3A4|65%3A2|39%3A1|240%3A1318-|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A200

    Like I said, the remote start is purely sh1ts and giggles. The alarm is working (albeit with possible heating issues... could that be to do with the multiple neg/ground wires?) and is plenty loud enough and so far reliable AFIK... if I have any dramas I might drop you a line for the Mongoose guys, thanks cheky.
  6. UPDATE:

    OK, so the PoS lasted nearly a week! I got back to the bike tonight after work, disarmed it and started getting geared up. Got everything on excet the gloves and started the bike. After a couple of seconds the alarm went off. Motor running and everything it went ballistic. I hit the disarm button again and it stopped for a second or so before going off again. This went on for a couple of minutes while I thought about how I was going to gtet home with the alarm going off (not likely!) or get the fairing off (must put a 4mm Allen Key in the "toolkit") or get to the wiring. I turned the bike off and hit the disarm again a few times until it actually stopped. After trying to reach the wiring through the vents in the fairing I tried to pull the ignition loom back up next to the triple clamp, with more success. I got enough of it back to get to the connections and pull the alarm's 12V+ and - wires off their respective connections.

    I will have another go at wiring it on Monday, just in case it was something I did wrong the first time, but failing that I'm gonna chuck it and write it off as worth a try (only cost me $30-odd and a couple of hours of stuffing around) and a good learning experience for me about the electrics of my bike.

    I'm not dead keen on spendng a few hundred on a replacement, but probably should. So cheky, Mongoose dealer/installer? Where are they located?

    I guess the alternatives are the Ignitor from here (simpler and cheaper) or the Scorpio (more expensive)...
  7. The mongoose alarm is supplied and fitted by Mode Auto Electrics. They are a mobile service that come to you. Number is 0418369634
  8. Awesome, thanks mate, I'll give them a call.
  9. Re-wired the chinee PoS today, with proper soldered connections instead of the twist-n-tape, and I've given up on the remote start. If the alarm lasts more than a week this time I will live with it, otherwise splash out for a Mongoose.

    Thanks for the help/advice guys.
  10. i've successfully install these baby's on my bikes, cars etc all remote start function works did noticed that over a period of time the antenna reception did get shorter and shorter so i had to stand closer each time lol :?
  11. If fitting a remote start you will void your insurance and in Victoria and I would assume all other states it will make the vehicle un roadworthy. I have a work mate who was working at a Jeep dealer a few years ago who had some trouble with a remote start unit fitted to a Jeep wrangler. He went to move the car and just pressed a button on the remote to unlock it and the thing started, The problem was the owner had left it in gear. The car then took off down the street and crashed into a Mazda van pealing it open like a tin can it then continued off down the road before comming to a rest in a bus stop. The owner of the vehicle had to pay for all damages as his insurance was not valid.
  12. If you wire the remote start, it won't work unless you bypass the clutch switch. If you bypass the clutch switch and accidentally leave it in gear one day, then it will provide 'sh1ts and giggles' for your mates when the bike launches itself off the sidestand and dominoes all the bikes in the parking area. :shock:
  13. you wouldn't want to by pass the clutch switch you'd leave that as a safety factor the only way to start the bike via remote is to have the bike in neutral if not the bike won't start at all unlike a car it'll just keep surging forward for a few seconds. you wire it to the start button and not directly to the Start motor this way you keep the the safety aspect of it. But yes, its a bit of a worry when you warm up the bike and other people can see no one is around but you don't want to start your bike up from a too far of a distance.
  14. Seriously, is starting a motorcycle that tedious a job?
  15. installing the units can be done but please do not disclose too much information on how to remote start it as this requires understanding of the bike on how to hot wire it. Releaseing too much infomation to the general public raises a concern on how its being used if good or evil.
  16. Holy crap, this thread has been revived? I don't even have the bike anymore...

    Anyhoo, the mole - not all bikes require the clutch to be pulled in to start. The GSXR in question would start with the clutch out as long as it was in neutral (and obviously the kill switch was 'on')

    rhinotr2000 I guess you have a point - sounds like you work in the industry? I was really only after an alarm, but this one happened to come with the remote start and I was in an adventurous mood...

    oz650r I can't believe the Jeep would actually start in gear - no car I've known would do more than lunge forward before stalling, especially with the handbrake on.