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Alan Jones

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Ljiljan, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Was yesterday complaining about the bias and one-sidedness of Journalists. =D>=D>

  2. Quick, someone call Alanis Morisette... we have an actual example of irony!
  3. Hello...this is pot calling kettle..are you receiving?...over...
  4. LOL! Nice.

    However, her song "Ironic" was ITSELF ironic because she was so stupid and didn't know what ironic was.
  5. I'm guessing he might be talking about the reporting of policies in general, rather than the opinion-peice rants that he does?
  6. can't remember. think it was some out to the way thing that could possibly be construed as a failing of Labor. I just see his whole show an opinion piece rant tbh.
  7. Well, it is. The only news part about it is each hours headline.

    I love his show though. Very well done bit of live entertainment.
  8. mmm, he's a paid radio announcer, paid to express his opinion

    and the problem with this is???
  9. He hypes up headlines and tries to get Joe Public onside with his twisted, xenophobic, narrow minded, backward,chauvinistic, Edwardian values..that what.
    The real sad part is that there are plenty of them ready to jump on whatever bandwagon he's driving. Put him in a room with John Laws and see who can get their head deepest up their bum.
  10. TRIES to get Joe Public

    you would be laughable if you weren't so sad

    2GB is the top rating radio station in Sydney, due in no small part to Alan Jones

    his interview with Juila Gillard was priceless.....
  11. Rabbito, do you listen to his program much?

    It's certainly err... enthusiastic. But for the most part it isn't that out there.
  12. you guys listen to Alan Jones... the joke is on you guys i think!
  13. along with the majority of the Sydney radio-listening community, yeah, sure
  14. Yes and at the time Jones is on the majority of the radio population is old farts and biddies with no life apart from waiting for death as they sit and rot in a corner on their rocking chair.
    Yep a great way to pass the time.
    Most sane people have lives that mean not listening to this wireless thingy.
  15. Where did I say there was a problem? I saw the funny side of him complaining about one-sided journalism and said as much.

    Yes he is paid to express his opinion, and if people choose to listen to his rot that is their choice. Sometimes I find it vaguely amusing but mostly just annoying and I half wish that labor win just so I can hear his reaction.

    I would have liked to hear that interview you're talking about though, that would have been good.
  16. Damn, you guys post the most misleading threads. I thought it was going to be an important one about Alan Jones, I mean the Alan Jones that actually did something important?

  17. You know what they say about assumption...

    ... also the thread IS in jokes and humour...
  18. :WStupid: (we really need an "I'm with him" emoticon, sorry Rabs)

    He's a C.H.O.P.
    Chauvinistic, Homophobic, Old, Pr1ck.
  19. Finn you don't really know what you're on about there do you?

    I'd find it hard to believe he's Homophobic!
  20. Do you really? I can understand why closet homosexuals could tend to be quite homophobic.
    Throw in the ghost of stan zemanek and you'd have yourself a front row seat.

    It's a big call, but I reckon Kyle Sandilands could top all three.