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Alan Hales RIP

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Toecutter, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. I read about this on another Forum last night but coudn't find it anywhere on line. Our local paper had the story today, as Alan used to run a bike shop here.

    One of our great racers passed away on the Old Pacifc Hwy @ Mooney Mooney on Saturday "when he apparently lost control".

    "Winner of the 1979 Castrol Six Hour and at one point held the lap record at almost every circuit in the country"

    I was up at Berowra Pie Shop the other week and was talking to a guy who told me Alan used to regularly ride the Old Road.

  2. How many memories of Alan Hales? He was one of the great supporters of production raceing, and never missed the Castrol Six Hour Race. His bikes and his transporters were always perfectly turned out, he was articulate and generous when interviewed, and gave no quarter on the track.

    RIP a great racer and a top bloke.
  3. I never met this guy, but I hear he was an unreal rider.

    Used to race 2-stroke triples and stuff... will show your 600 the door in the twisties with a 125, etc.

    Rumour is patch of leaves on the old-road.

    I don't think I'll ever ride that piece of tar at 100%.
  4. Very sad. Farewell Alan. A great racer.
  5. WTF?

    Anyway didn't know of the bloke but condelences to his family.
  6. Oh. how sad. Why couldn't he have died old? Did not know him personally but new of his great reputation. Will look up the old Rev's tonight and find the 1979 Castrol 6 hour race reports.
  7. 34 pages of Google search and not one hit; how can a man who made such an impact on our lives in those days, now be invisible to the rest of the world?? Not one lousy mention, as if he had never existed???

    Note to Jim Scaysbrook; a tribute befitting a champion in your next Old Bikes magazine, please???

    His name is here in the complete list of placings in the Castrol Six Hour Race, but nowhere else that I can find http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castrol_6_Hour
  8. Silently they drift away, but we will remember them.

    Paul that list has some memorable riders on it as well, some I have been fortunate to ride with or exchange views with.

    We must remember our past.

    RIP A.Hales
  9. The Skipper is dead???????????

    Gilligan a few back now the skipper??????????

    who's left?
    For those interested,
    the funeral will be held at
    Greenway Memorial Gardens,
    460 Avoca Drive, Green Point
    on Friday 23rd @ 12 noon.
    Riders will be meeting at PITS at 10am
    before travelling up to Green Point.
  12. Thanks for that funeral notification, LR, I plan to attend and pay my respects.
  13. A sad and moving day today. Several hundred people gathered, first at Pie In The Sky, and then moving on to Road Warriors, before riding past the scene of Alan's untimely death to the funeral at Kincumber.


    The chapel was packed to overflowing with family and well-wishers, and the service was brief and as befitted the man, full of humour and good memories. The DVD presentation of many wonderful family photographs reminded me again what a kind and wonderful man we have just lost.

    The rest of my few photos of the day are here;

    http://s142.photobucket.com/albums/r100/HornetPics/Alan Hales/
  14. Thanks Paul. So sorry for Alan, his family and friends.
  15. Thanks for the pics Paul

    I'm going away next weekend so will stop by the site :cry:
  16. shit i wondered why there were so many bikers on the old road yesterday in the rain. i had heard at road warriors last sunday that the guy who died was an experianced rider, with over 40 years experiance, i had no idea he was a racer.
    May he Rest In Peace
  17. My condolences to those he left behind.

    If a guy this good can suddenly lose control and die on a road he knew, the rest of us have no business going past 8/10ths on public roads.