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Aladdins lamp

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Duke at Eee, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. So you've found Aladdins lamp, after a rub or two out pops the Genie. You go through the pleasantries and the he grants you three wishes, I'm sure your familiar with the story. Only this time there's a catch. The three wishes can only relate to bikes that you want in your garage/shed. So what would you wish for and why?

  2. A bigger garage.
    All the tools l'll ever need.
    A hot grid girl as an assistant.

    I already have the bikes :)
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  3. A bigger garage.
    All the tools l'll ever need.
    A hot grid girl as an assistant.

    I already have the bikes :)
  4. A bat cave with 1 of every model of bike.
    Rego on all of them that never runs put.
    Fuel bousers that never run out.


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  5. A cruiser, a dirt bike and a naked!
    Cruiser= a Harley or a Big Bear
    Dirt You= a Yamaha
    Naked= a Yamaha
    That all come with every mod you can think of, never ending rego and insurance, work bay with mechanic and every tool known to man and parts and liquids in infinite amounts that never run out including fuel. The mechanics are all the happiest nicest hottest ladies you've ever met that always have bike ready to go in perfect working order.
    All bike come with a magical spell to ensure you or anyone else can never be injured.
    Every bay in garage has couch area with full bar entertainment system chef and kitchen and a closet with every type of apparel possible. Oh yeah an ATM that gives unlimited free cash.
    And the garage has an Awsome veiw of the beach and is connected to a nice house, house for the Fam because I'd never leave the Garry except to go ride
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  6. Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo
    Victory Jackpot Ness Signature Series
    The ultimate mancave the has its own mechanic, ATM, Petrol bowser, Lounge Bar with foxtel that never runs out of supplies
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